TMZ, a celebrity news site, just posted a set of nice photos depicting actor Ashton Kutcher dressed in Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs’ classic attire.

The image was allegedly taken as Kutcher was making his way to the set of an upcoming independently produced biopic aptly named Jobs: Get Inspired.

The flick is not to be confused with Sony’s biopic entitled Steve Jobs: The Movie, based on Walter Isaacson’s authorized bio book.

Here, have a look at Kutcher channeling Jobs and tell us what you think…

According to TMZ, paparazzi-style photos were snapped as Kutcher was making his way to the set in Los Angeles on Friday.

Kutcher can be seen clad in Jobs’ trademark blue jeans, a black turtleneck sweater and New Balance running shoes. He also got long hair and a beard right.

Kutcher’s physique on the photographs does appear to resemble Apple’s late honcho in the early days, down to his forwardly leaned walking posture.

Kutcher appears to be really getting into character, though it’s too early to tell until we see some footage. Besides, Jobs was a complicated man so it’ll be interesting seeing whether Kutcher, 34, has the mojo to channel Jobs, but in a believable and dignified manner.

As you know, Ashton Kutcher is best known for his comedic roles. That’s why some folks fear he is a bad choice to portray a very important person like Steve Jobs.

The actor is also an investor in various Silicon Valley startups.

Jon Cryer will apparently play Steve Wozniak in Jobs: Get Inspired. The movie will cover the early years of the Apple founder’s life from 1971 until 2000.

Principal photography began in May and the project is said to wrap up in time for a fourth-quarter release.

Regardless of your feelings about Kutcher, would you say he looks the spitting image of a young Steve Jobs?

Is this movie gonna tank?

  • Those second images look a lot like him.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Cryer as Wozniak??

    What’s is this? Two and Half men: Cupertino Edition??!

    Two, nay, three thumbs down.

    • Anonymous

      No way! I mean, Woz was FAT!

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ the sweater

  • Anonymous

    This guy is and will always be an extra large bit of knob cheese !!!

  • I believe he can pull it off. You know why? It’s Magic

  • Anonymous

    Did they try and give him a Steve Jobs-like nose? :O

  • Anonymous

    I predict this film will be jam-packed full of typical Jobs stereotype scenarios that never actually occurred (kind of like the “are you a virgin?” interview scene in “Pirates of Silicon Valley”). Could still be ok though, as long as its not too Hollywood-ized.

  • I think the only serious role Kutcher has played, and did well in that I can think of off hand is The Guardian. Not sure if he was the right choice for this role, although he does have a similar look. However, I’m sure he knows expectations are going to be very high for him. Let’s hope he can pull this off.

  • i don’t want aston kutcher to play as steve job because he is a gay probably.

    • And you are a homophobe probably. Seriously, what a disgrace you are. Where are them dislike buttons?

    • And i don’t like John Smith because he likes tomatoes on his burgers!

  • Anonymous

    Is he trying to punk Apple?

  • I was skeptical about Kutcher, but after a bit of thought i think he can pull off the role fairly well if he does his best. But Jon Cryer? Holy shit that’s a poor casting decision… Woz is supposed to be a light hearted jokester, not… Jon Cryer… I think it’s going to be very hard to beat The Pirates of Silicon Valley.

  • screwbidoo

    I think he will pull of this one… he will get into that role nicely.