Even though iDB is primarily an iPhone-focused blog, we like to keep tabs on what the competition is up to. Earlier this week we told you about RIM’s all-new BlackBerry 10 platform, and today we’ve got some news regarding Samsung’s latest handset.

The Korean manufacturer unveiled the Galaxy S III earlier today at a media event in London. Packed with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display and a host of other high-end components, the device certainly looks impressive on paper. But is it?

That may depend on which version of the handset is available in your area. While the global variant of the Galaxy S III will be equipped with the new Exynos 4 Quad quad-core processor, regional models will likely include dual-core alternatives.

But Samsung didn’t just give its Galaxy S line a hardware makeover, it also added in a ton of new software features as well. Some of them are actually pretty impressive, like the new Pop up play feature, which essentially gives you on-device picture-in-picture.

Then there are some features that some might say aren’t so innovative, like the new Siri-like digital assistant “S Voice.” And the new AirPlay-like “AllShare.” Samsung even introduced Scan and Match, a new service that scans your music collection and automatically uploads it to the cloud. Interesting.

Initial impressions seem to depict the device as just an incremental update to the current Galaxy S II handset, but we won’t know how it performs in real life until it hits the market next month. One thing is for sure though, Samsung’s bound to sell a ton of them.

What do you think of the Galaxy S III?

  • Dont like the design but overall pretty good phone. Hopefully the next iphone will be up there with it in specs.

  • Looks pretty good to me…

  • Nice phone.

    Witch = which, right?

  • That was the weirdest commercial i have ever seen for a phone

    • It was annoying. It introduced features but never showed them. Heck, you only even see the phone in the last 2 seconds of the advert.

  • Anonymous

    not good enough 🙂

  • “designed for humans” – You don’t say!

    • Anonymous

      i think what they are trying to say is, it is not designed for sheeps.

      • Oh haha sheep! You’re funny! -__-

      • Anonymous

        He refers to the latest Samsung commercial, where they implied iPhone owners were “sheep”, you idiot.

      • I know what he meant smart one, I was just trying to show that I wasn’t amused by his comment

  • I’m not gonna lie though, I adore that wallpaper. Does anyone know of something like that on cydia? That isn’t Vwallpaper?

    • Dan

      would like to know too, tried the update vWallpaper and it put my phone into respring loop

  • Anonymous

    Mind posting its specs and side-by-siding with iPhone 4S?

  • I won’t be running to buy it.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if im a fan of the design, however will only really know once I see it in person. I think as far as hardware goes, the Samsung presentation got it spot on. We’re at a point where hardware is getting pushed as far as it needs to go, so now its all up to the software (as long as it works smoothly)

    Looks like a pretty killer of a phone if you ask me

  • When I try to watch the ad I get a message telling me that “This video is private” 🙁

  • i think SIII sucks and i would of course buy ONE X over SIII as it is not good in benchmarks have low CPU GPU Chipset PPI and looks cheap and plasticky you cant see the screen in sunlight..overall SIII is a piece of crap ONE X RULEZ !!

    • talking about ‘sucks’ … iPhone4Sucks’ screen size.

  • Hi Jeff,I’m impressed by the professionalism of your blog in commenting on the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy III, this proves how much your blog and professional, keep it up. I’ll change my iphone 4s to a samsung, but still keep following your blog,,!! Thumbs up 4 you dude!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Still has a lower pixel density compared to the iPhone’s Retina Display… 😀

  • Anonymous

    On first impressions, I prefer my Galaxy Nexus.

  • one button….i wonder what apple’s legal ten will say about that….once it is patented, it is patented….

  • This will be my next phone. Replacing my iphone as soon as S3 hits the market. Iphone is too locked down. Think about it, why do you guys jaikbreak your phone?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, iPhones are too Apple-dependent.

    • This will by my new hand set as well. I own an iPad 2, so got my 2yo an Android ICS 4.0.4 tablet ($150 bucks), and to be honest, I am very impressed with it. I still like my Apple products, however the stigma of it has worn off due to it’s vast popularity, it’s time for me to move on.

    • i call my iPhone4S screen a baby screen.

    • Dan

      I jailbreak it because I can. I admit that once I’m not able to do that, I may go to android. But for now, I have the best of both worlds by staying with jailbroken iPhone.

  • The color blue makes a device feel cheap, samsubg shouldn’t have done toffered that. The corners are also a bit round. Overall it is a good device but certainly nothing stunning

  • Looks pretty sweet, but why is the video set to private?

  • Not really liking the look. But I’m interested in gutting it and seeing what’s inside. Can’t wait to pre-order.

  • Anonymous

    I am currently a Samsung enthusiast and currently own a Galaxy S2, and to be honest, I was kinda dissapointed by this new release. The design looks cheap, and even though I could care less about it having a fully plastic body, I dislike curve-shaped phones. Also, the fact that they did not improve the main camera seems unnecessary to me, as it could’ve perfectly been done. I do LOVE, however, the bigger screen with Super HD Amoled display and 309ppi. Honestly, if I had to choose right now between a Note and an S3, I’d go for the Note. That DOESN’T mean it’s not competition for the iPhone though 😛

  • Anonymous

    Cody, just a correction. The AllShare service is most certainly not new, and is a feature shared between any Samsung device (phone, TV, HiFi, Tablet).

  • O_o Why does it say “This video is private” when I tried to view?

  • Interesting.Would be a nice one for me.Time to change my iphone 4…I like big screens.Depends on the price

  • is it me or t s3 looks like those iphone mockups..??

    • Well a lot of iPhone mockups look like android devices, so yea maybe

  • has this video been removed??

  • Looks nice, but I am still holding out for the next iPhone. I can’t stand how the carriers force you to wait for them to be able to do software updates unless you root the devices, but then were back to what we are all doing with the iPhone to make it untouchable after being jailbroken!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just the fact that I live in England or does the video not work?

  • AnyBody wonna by a sprint 4s because Im gone lol I have my Mac and Ipad3 so I think I can switch for this….The iphone 5 better have some crazy features then maybe i will come back vut for now 4s is going on ebay!!!

  • it has impressive specs…saw them in another article. it also has some pretty cool features but it’s another cheap plasticy phone that will ultimately feel cheap. i hope apple will implement some of these features and specs. that along with their usual build quality will make the iphone that much nicer. the cat and mouse game is fun…keeps giving us better products.

  • I read this article when i still have my iP4. Now i read this again from my gs3. I missed the smoothness of scrolling from my ip4. Overall this gs3 will stay with me until ip5 will be out. (I sounded like apple fanboi). What i love w/ my gs3 is despite the fact it’s larger made in plastic but when you hold it, it feels thinner and lighter and you don’t feel the cheap plastic. There are lots of feature you already heard that you will love.
    If you are a “Human” just want a phone that is capable of browsing the internet, make call and text. Check on FB & twitter (i don’t use g+ much). Watch youtube, watch movies while doing all i said at the same time. Insert Flash drives to copy files without using computer. Specially larger screen that you feel it that is too much large phone if you are a male. This phone is for you if you don’t have too much money. I dropped it already once without case fortunately it just had light scratch at the side