Moving your app icons without even thinking about it. Quite the interesting idea, no?

That’s exactly what an upcoming jailbreak tweak called AlwaysArrange allows you to do — move your app icons without needing to enter wiggle mode.

Check out our full video walkthrough inside for the low-down…

AlwaysArrange features a simple settings panel that yields a kill switch, and a Long Press Duration setting that adjusts the time you have to tap and hold on an icon for it to be eligible to move.

Setting the duration to 0 allows you to move any app icon instantly. Setting it to a higher number adds a slight delay before the app is eligible for movement.

Since you can’t enter into edit/wiggle mode via normal means, dragging any app icon into the status bar will place the device into wiggle mode instead.

AlwaysArrange is not available just yet, but it’ll be released on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for free in the near future. Stay tuned.


  • ! goin to wiggle mode takes less than a second !
    i think it’s an unnecessary tweak!

  • redundant tweak…..i guess all tweaks that needs to be developed have been done so…..

  • hey jeff ,are u not continuing with “ask jeff” ??;-(

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this the default behavior in most Android launchers?

    • Exactly, that was the only thing I liked better on Android than on iOS.

      • Anonymous

        The only thing? I have to disagree with that but that’s just my opinion, each to their own.

      • Dude, why the fuck do you read an Apple Blog if you hate Apple?

      • How is android any different than going into wiggle mode? You have to press the home button to exit wiggle mode, sure.. but.. big deal. Means you never accidentally move an icon.

  • I don’t mind pressing and holding down to move.

  • Dan

    I don’t move my apps often, and when i do, I don’t mind waiting a second. I’m trying to minimize the number tweaks I have on my phone, not going to get this.

    • Anonymous

      I have about 5 what I call, essential tweaks, anything more is overkill and often are no more than gimmiks and do exactly what you said, slow down the phone.

      • Dan

        I probably have around 15 of them (gridlock, callbar, sbsetting, lockinfo, superswitcher, springtomize, folderenhancer, killbackground, perpagehtml, bitesms, sparrow+…)

        Trying not to add anything that’s worth it.

      • Think you reversed that there boss.

  • Anonymous

    That must be the most annoying jailbreak tweak I’ve ever seen. I hate wiggle mode. I move my apps as rarely as is possible.

    • What? You say you don’t like the tweak (which omits the need for the Wiggle Mode) and afterwards you say you hate wiggle mode? Ok… Weird guy..

      • Anonymous

        Haha, fair point. I guess it came out wrong. What I mean is that I don’t like rearranging my apps at all and that if I do tapping and holding to enter wiggle mode is easy enough for me. Sometimes I even manage to enter wiggle mode by accident and that almost kills me.

      • I think you’re the one person on earth that dislikes the ability to arrange something yourself.

  • Meh.

  • Anonymous

    Unnecessary! Another stupid app for the jailbroken community.

  • ios5.1