Here’s something pretty cool (or should I say, ‘magical’): a website that streams live television from anywhere in the world, right to your Apple mobile device, using an iOS-friendly MP4 video format via the AirPlay protocol. You just pull up the webpage using the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, pick one of the listed countries and up pop live television channels airing in the selected territory.

From here, tap the channel of your choice and live television content begins streaming, licensing restrictions be damned. In case you were wondering: yes, they have the XXX section covered as well. It’s a hack, no question about it, so expect either Apple or broadcasters (or both) to restrict or even take down the site as we speak…

9to5Mac reports that the link is already dead for some of their readers. It worked for me at press time, and I’m based in Europe. I was able to live stream premium United States networks to my iPhone, such as CNN, ABC and Fox News.

Let us know down in the comments if the link worked for you…

  • the movie channles dont work other ones work like fox, nbc ect

    • I hope this stays up! I would have a lot more faith if the link ended in .eu .se or .ch 🙂

      • hahah yeah .ch for real brother Switzerland is a beast ; D
        btw we have that shit here already for ios divices but this one streams much much better quality.

  • Tom

    The porn is working in the UK.

    Errrm, so I hear. My friend told me. I would never watch such terrible filth myself…

    • Me think you lie.. Lol..

    • LOL tell me wich ones….not 4 me..for a friend. i don’t like those disgusting things.

  • Working great here in nyc!

  • all Sky Sports work… thats good enough for me 😀

  • Apple cant shut it down…its a website, not an app….Now the broadcasters…you know they will ASAP

  • i follow 9to5Mac but I can’t see the link in your post

  • Where is the link then?

  • Nevermind…Found it! Works great…

  • This is amazing. Just tried Discovery Channel. one of my favs. Works

  • I’m here in the US, and just tried to stream BBC iTV and it is blocking the live video page!

    When will these A-Holes work out their differences and let us watch TV online??? This is so stupid in my opinion!

    Thanks for the tip, I wish it worked. There are some really great TV programs on BBC that are much better than some of our American “crap” TV.

    It would just be nice to have a choice based on your taste, and not where you happen to be on the globe!

    Additionally, being an American, I travel Globally, and have been frustrated many times not being able to stream a local TV show when I happen to be abroad. I’m going to China in a few months, and was really hoping this website worked…. Maybe the developers will get it right by then?

    BTW, for people who do want to watch BBC iPlayer – there is a free program you can download called ExPatShield(dot)com – check it out if you are interested. The way it works, is it spoofs your IP address, so the iPlayer thinks you are in the UK.

    • mordechai eliyahu

      i dont think Anyone read what u wrote its to long we like stuff short simple and funny 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Check out Catchuptv dot com! I live in Florida and watch all live TV for free!

  • I hope this site will exist forever! It has my absolutely favourite TV Channel.

  • Anonymous

    this sucks so bad o)(o

  • works like a charm…

  • News like this is why I constantly check IDB all day long. Besides live shows like sports, payin for tv is stupid. Hope they stay runnin for awhile. How can I contribute to the cause?!?

  • Anonymous

    yup the a list channels dons work but the b and c list ones do,…lololol

  • Working in czech rep. Thanx!

    • Sebastien Vergne

      The only channels i can get to work over 3g in the UK are:

      UK – Dave
      France – Direct 8

      That is all.

  • Site down no longer available 🙁

  • Anonymous

    The site has been disabled : “This site has been disabled due to DMCA complaints.”
    I was hoping it would go on for a bit longer