What a wonderful week for iOS goodness. Not only did we get an iPhone unlock that works across a variety of devices, we also received awesome updates to Mobile Substrate along with a few new Cydia tweaks.

Be warned, there’s a lot of content in this week’s top videos post. The Nest Learning Thermostat makes an appearance, along with a new iPad multitasking concept video. All of that coupled with a detailed overview of one of the best iPad remote desktop solutions available makes this week’s post a can’t miss.

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Splashtop remote desktop solution

Okay, so it’s not exactly a jailbreak video, but this is probably one of the best ways to remotely connect you your Mac or PC from your iPad. Make sure you pickup a hardware Bluetooth keyboard to get this most out of the setup.

Mobile Substrate gets an awesome update

Mobile Substrate received a much needed update that will make it easier to recover from a respring loop should you install a faulty package.


Lock screen shortcuts. It’s been done a gazillion times before, but FastLock at least looks good doing it.

MultiLayer concept

Another non-jailbreak video. This concept by yours truly shows off a possible iPad multi-tasking solution. I know Apple would never do something like this themselves. Maybe a resourceful person in the jailbreak community could pull it off?

Nest unboxing

After months of waiting, I finally get to go hands-on with the Nest Learning Thermostat. Here is my unboxing and initial impressions.

Forecast weather widget

A dedicated weather widget from the creator of LockInfo? Sign me up!

AssistantServer Installer

It’s Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices. It’s been done before, but perhaps nothing is as easy to setup as this.

How to unlock your iPhone

Yep, it’s true. You can unlock virtually any iPhone now as long as it’s jailbroken.

  • Derek Clarno

    Sure it fast but you failed to mention that AssistantServer Installer is complete garbage. You can’t do anything that make Siri worth having. Not to mention is uses some crappy google speech recognition that doesn’t understand you about 80% of the time.
    Can’t send messages, can’t check contacts, can’t give more then 2 days in weather forecast (and that’s if it didn’t give you some smartass response), can’t send emails, can’t search the web, gives vague answer about pretty much everything else, and out right lies when you ask a question related to quantity (calories in a bagel was Apples example.)
    I tested all the examples Apple gives you for using Siri, from the current weather to making a FaceTime call, and I think MAYBE two other them worked, one of which was to make a Note…

    Even if it only took 5 minutes and $0.99 it was still a useless waste of time and money. Your better off getting “Voice Assistant” the app or setting up your own proxy. A little disappointed you guys didn’t do more research into this…

    • Derek, I stated these shortcomings in the video and the article. Did you watch it?

  • Nest probably shouldn’t be added as a “jailbreak” video of the week…

    • You’re right. Think I’m going to rename this weekly feature.

      • What is the purpose of nest? I know it is a thermostat, but if you already have a top of the line brand, what’s the point besides the cool “look” of it? Jeff, is this something you can answer? -jailbird 2010- <- yes, you just added me to game center, if you remember……

  • That intro is crap and annoying

  • I’d so get the Nest.

  • best movie of coz the unlock SAM