If you don’t have an iPhone 4S, but still want to experience Siri, chances are you’ve already done so through one of a variety of existing methods.

Since the iPhone 4S was released, numerous methods for providing Siri, or at least some form of her, have appeared for older devices.

AssistantServer Installer is yet the latest way to do so, and the cool thing about it is that it requires minimal configuration to get it up and running at a very basic level…

The problem with AssistantServer Installer is that it requires various 3rd party API keys to come close to rivaling the experience you’d receive on Siri proper. But if an iPhone 4S is without question out of the cards, this could be the $0.99 investment for you.

It’s not terrible, it just comes off feeling a bit clunky after you’ve used an iPhone 4S for so long.

Please note that AssistantServer Installer will not work on iOS 5.1, because it requires a Spire installation, and Spire is not compatible with iOS 5.1.

If your iDevice is jailbroken and you want to give the Siri experience a shot, head over to Cydia’s MacCiti repo where you can download it today.

  • Kok Hean

    Spire uses a lot of RAM, and that is a big deal for devices like the iPhone 3GS and even the iPhone 4.

    • On my iPhone 4 it uses about 35MB of RAM … it’s not that bad

  • dont know why but this does not work for me, i have Spire installed AND Assistant server i did averything as in the video but it doesent respond any anseres, not even the “server is out, try later”

    any clue on what im i missing? :/

    • Press the “More Info” button in the siriserver settings, and it will show you the new spire address. It’s- /:/ that should help, good luck!

      • Anonymous

        nevermind, i got it to work, had to uninstall assistent connect and then turn on some toggles in SB settings.

        the i update assistansserver and change to the new adress, the problem now is that Siri talks, but it doesent follow instruction, as simple as “wake me up att 11” then it sayes other unrelated stuff :/ My Siri is HIGH!

      • What do you mean you had to turn on some toggles? Like what? I can’t get mine to work at all. Just says try again later

      • Anonymous

        go to SBSettings “More”, the scroll down and go to “Mobile Substrate Addons”, See af you can find *SpireHooks* and *SpireInjector*, if they are off then turn them back on, it worked for me, the problem is Siri is not responding on everything so yeah, its a half solution. Bare in mind that this is not a full Siri experience, but then again it should work on setting upp the alarm, but not for me, and that i dont know why, tried rebooting 2 times, no result

      • I’m having the same issue. Every time I try to input a command it just says “something is wrong and I can not help you right now. Please try again later.”.
        I checked the Mobile Substrate Addons and they are both on. Any idea where to go from here?

      • Thanks for the replies. Just fiddling with the settings and got it working.

        Firstly keep the address as and leave the options in mobile substrate set to off.

        The simple fix is to change the Siri language setting to English US. Now rather than saying “text [name] [message]”, say “send SMS to [name] saying [message]”. Works a treat and even sets the alarms as shown on the video.

      • @Michael: Why leave MS settings set to off? Mine are still set to “on” and so far everything seems to be working fine. Any idea what those settings actually do?

      • @Greg I have no idea what they do, but as they were already set to off and it works fine with them off, I guess they don’t do much at all, so no sense in having them running

      • Lol. Fair enough.

  • Apparently Apart from Spire sucking at your Ram….your battery life is some what halved as well :-/ Bcos you are constantly connected to the server!! think I’ll stay away from this!!

    • Anonymous

      word bro! tbh i cinda wonder what make my phone run so slow for a long long time! didnt knew it was Spire that took all that RAM but after uninstalling Spire my RAM went from 140 free RAM to 300 free RAM and the phone runs flowlessly! NEVER EVER Spire again! i wonder if there is and app/tweak that tells you exacly WHAT tweak takes how much RAM, i have DataMonitor but that doesnt tell what tweak takes RAM, only basic RAM info

      • I thought I saw something like what you’re talking about in some of the older Jailbreak Apps blogs. May want to take a look there.

    • Yeah, I see that. Before I installed this just an hour or so ago I was running at between 250 and 325 free RAM. Now I’m running at about 165. It isn’t causing any issues yet that make me want to trash it, but I’m going to keep an eye on it. Just curious: when you say “constantly connect to the server” do you mean whether you’re running 3G or WiFi? Will I see a significant increase in my data usage even if I don’t use it while away from WiFi spots, or is it like everything else that defaults to 3G when WiFi isn’t connected and will only use data when I directly interface with it?

      • Anonymous

        how many Tweaks do you have installed? My “stock” RAM now is 279-282, and now i have like 20 tweaks that i can see in setting that are installed, probubly more that are hidden but yeah, gonna clean some i dont use and see how mutch more RAM il get back!

      • I count 33 in settings, plus there are likely around a dozen or more that don’t show up in there. My Cydia list is crazy. I customize everything, wifi and sig bars, boot screen, page dots, EVERYTHING, lol. I’m sure I’m pushing the limit of what it’s going to be able to take. Lucky for me though I can’t think of anything else I can do to it. I think I finally have it exactly how I want it, so maybe I won’t crash it and have to chose what I have to sacrifice. 😀

      • Hi Greg, WiFi or 3G, it is connected to to server all of the time, (even when your not using it) therefore, battery drain is like terrible, I honestly doubt if your phone will last a whole day!!
        Personally I can live without a half baked Siri.

      • Anonymous

        So does this use up your data as well?

      • I’m sure I can. too, but it’s worth keeping for a few days to test it out. What about Edge? Does it work if that’s the only access I have. I was just thinking that I can turn 3G off if I’m going to be away from a charger for a significant period of time and may be able to save some juice that way. But overall ‘d imagine I’ll uninstall it the first time I notice a significant issue with it.

      • I wonder if it would be easier on the battery and RAM if I put a Siri toggle on my springboarf and only turned it on when I needed it. Of course then there’s the question of whether or not it would be convenient enough to keep since having to turn it on and off every time I use it would likely eat up as much, if not more time than just not using it at all…

        I can already see a significant fairly significant hit to my battery life, though so far it still isn’t a big enough issue to scrap it over.

      • Dan

        It’ll get worse man, Spire is like cancer for your phone. I used it for months, at first I was like, hey, acceptable compromise. As the months went on, it got worse until the point that I was left with 50 ram when I launched safari. I did a full restore and my phone is smooth again. I’ve still got 8 months left on my proxy and I’m not putting Spire back on my iPhone 4.

  • i have uninstalled SPIRE long time as i see no use at all , decrease at least 50-90MB RAM and plus none of the FREE SPIRE server 99% working properly….useless SPIRE good concept but useless

    • GRWH siriServer works fast and always replies.
      Unfotrunately you have to pay to get wolfram alpha 🙁

      • Siddharth Desai

        No you don’t. You can get the basic which is like 100 queries per month.

  • Dan

    I had Spire on my iPhone 4 5.0.1, after a few months, my phone got so bogged down that I did a full restore and haven’t installed it again. I miss Siri a lot (especially the voice to text), but I prefer my phone to operate smoothly. Also, my battery life was horrible, I’d turn on my phone after charging the whole night, put it on standy, go take a shower, come back, and my battery was down 5%.

    I find it’s a shame that the designer of Spire hasn’t updated it, I would of been ready to pay a good sum.

    I might try this on my iPad 2.

  • Ok. But how do I get API keys? Do I need a 4S for this?

  • Anonymous

    Do yourself a favor and don’t even think installing this CRAP! Your patience, joyful state and good humor will be forever thankful; as well as, your iPhone RAM, responsiveness and battery life.

  • Great concept. And I didn’t understand API’s until this. He has a link to instructions for installing them and an explanation of what they are. It’s not as smooth as my proxy subscription. I’ll keep monitoring it though. I think it has potential.

  • Hey Jeff, do you still need a Siri proxy server for this to work?

  • Still wondering if anyone has noticed any significant data usage from installing this…

  • Greg Whitaker

    Excuse the nonsense…. having trouble logging in with a particular account.

  • Sandeep Pakhare

    i purchase this app frm cydia but i cant downlad certificate frm siri server there is no option like download certificate it show update server i paid for this app can u tell me why i cant download the certificate…

    • i also didn’t install any certificate but it is working….

  • Sandeep Pakhare

    i install this app yesterday but when i open siri server frm setting there is no option like download certificate how can i download certificate it only show update server can u pls help……

  • Don James

    I am doing something wrong? I downloaded and installed both components on my factory unlocked iPhone 4. There is no option to “install certificate”, nothing under “settings >general” to turn “Siri” on and no “Siri” button showing on my iPhone anywhere. I uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I do have “Voice Answer” and “Voice Actions” installed also but they do not require “Spire” so they both should not be interfering….. Any suggestions anyone? Am I missing installed components?

  • Don James

    I meant to say “Am I doing something wrong????”

  • i didn’t have tho bottom “install certificate” !! why?
    and siri didn’t work

  • Lol its work 🙂 thank you very much 😀

  • where can we find french API to work with?

  • i just want to test my open id

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