TheNextWeb points to an interesting new application called Space-time. The software allows you to see the location of almost anyone, regardless of their device, as long as they have a smartphone with a GPS locator.

Of course, the iPhone already has a friend-tracking solution in Find My Friends. But it only works if you are trying to locate a person using an iOS device with the app installed. Space-time is much more universal…

Here’s how it works: inside the app is a button labeled ‘Request Someone’s Location.’ Tapping it will bring up your Contacts list, allowing you to chose a person to locate. It then sends a text message to that person with a hyperlink.

If the person taps the hyperlink, which is clearly identified as a GPS-tracking link, you’ll have their location within seconds. You can even launch Google Maps from within the application to get turn-by-turn directions to where they’re at.

The number of possible uses for this app are practically endless — locating a friend with car trouble, meeting family members at a restaurant, etc. And the price is definitely right. You can grab Space-time from the App Store for free.

What do you think of Space-time? Useful?

  • Anonymous

    sounds promising but my suspicious mind wants to know what the devs are getting out of this, they can’t be doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, nothing is ‘free’.

    • Are you implying they might use it for crowdsourcing to get data about where people like to hang out and sell it to interested companies? That sounds rediculous.

      • Anonymous

        but ridiculous things do happen, im very suspicious of location based apps that are ‘free’ because it potentially can lead to targetted advertising. if a total stranger gave you something for free which used your location wouldnt you be a little curious as to why?

  • Anonymous

    I think Google Latitude does the same thing and its free! Spacetime will charge you when you will text that link to your friend.

  • whatsapp has a much simpler way of doing this and it’s been around for a while