LockInfo was one of the first jailbreak solutions for getting more out of your iPhone’s bland and boring Lock screen.

Now the same developer behind LockInfo is borrowing one of that tweak’s best features and developing it into a standalone release.

The result is called Forecast, and it provides a cheap and simple method for accessing weather on your Lock screen without needing the full version of LockInfo…

Forecast grabs its information directly from your iPhone’s weather app, hence, there are no settings to configure. Whatever location happens to be at the top of your list is what Forecast will display on your Lock screen.

Forecast is also compatible with Location based GPS weather if enabled, and features a handy refresh button on the Lock screen to grab the latest weather info and 6-day outlook.

For those anxious to give Forecast a try, you can download it from Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $0.99.

What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    looks like something Apple will probably incorporate into iOS 6 just like they have with other jailbreak tweaks on previous updates :p

  • Or just buy intelliscreenX ang get this and a lot more …it might cost more but it’s how Apple should of made the notification centre from the start ..

    • When i had intelliscreenX its weather widget didnt have the time on it. Plus the pull down tab on the lockscreen made it unattractive. This is standalone i think which i hope works seamless with other tweaks like intelliscreenX

      • But your on the lock screen……. There’s a big clock on it..And there’s the status bar clock… ..As for the tab it’s only there when you pull it down otherwise it’s not there..

      • I see what your saying. In my case i wanted the tab always pulled. Sort of like a lIke a locksreen replacement. Thats why i jumped back to lockinfo cause it looked like it belonged there in my opinion =)

    • And pay 9.99$

      • I got it a long time ago before Apple ripped it off. $10 is pretty steep but i think ive paid that for other tweaks that were far less advanced then lockinfo

      • I agree lock info is a great tweak

  • This is awesome! I would definitely purchase this.

  • The main reason i have lockinfo installed is for this on my lockscreen. The Dev has always released good tweaks. Its well worth $.99 and Lockinfo is well worth its price too. I cant remember the price I paid cause ive had it for as long as i can remember.

  • Looks cool! I’ll probably get it and try it

  • Would also be good if it had an calendar like the lockinfo version, where your press the left side of the clock and under comes the month and day + which week it is! THIS Gesture stopped working for me, after the iOS 5 update, it goes down but it doesn’t update itself, so it’s showing the last month instead of today’s date.. Otherwise, nice tweak 🙂

  • This tweak sucks until lock screen iPod control functionality is enabled.

    • Anonymous

      And it would have been nice if the dev had made it obvious that this disables the iPod.

  • Help is anybody haveing crashing problems protube v1.6??

  • Another way to drain your battery! Smart!

    • Dan

      I have this on my phone (lockinfo), it does not seem to drain my battery more than usual.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I put this on my phone…and it’s a great looking little tweak. BUT….my battery is draining soooo fast!! This was the only new thing I installed recently…and ever since, my battery is on life support. Just uninstalled it….recharging my phone (not even into 3 hours of standby for the day after a full 100% charge thru the night). Let’s see if the removal gets my battery back to a normal draw. Bummed.

      **Note: Since install of this, I’ve also seen my phone randomly just crash into safe mode..and it happens SEVERAL times during the day.

  • Dan

    Already have this on my lockscreen thanks to Lockinfo, it’s a nice feature.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet tweak. Just install and it’s there. Laid right over my current lock screen photo.

    5 stars!

  • Bruno Vilella

    I bought it this afternoon and I find it to make my lockscreen much slower. When I press the home button it takes a while to light up my phone. Running it on iPhone 4s. Anyone else have this problem???
    It’s also a big disappointment that it’s not compatible with iPod functionality. Apperently, because I have Springtomize 2, it shows up the buttons but the old clock comes back behind Forecast. It’s terrible.

    Jeff, I’d like to ask you to give more details about bugs and compatibility, specially when you review paid tweaks. I boght CallBar after I watched your video and it crashes everytime I press “Recent” after launching it doubletapping my statusbar. I’m a big fan of your work though, congratulations.

    • Anonymous

      Running on my 4s and there does not seem to be any delay after pushing the home button. Can’t speak for the iPod functionality since I don’t have any music on my phone.

    • A

      I installed it on my iPhone 4 today and it works perfectly. I have not noticed any delay at all or any extra battery drain at this point.

      I do agree with you that the lack of iPod functionality is a big disappointment. If you are listening to music, double-tapping the home button while in the lock screen no longer brings up the iPod controls. I wasn’t aware of that until I read your post. I hope the developer fixes that in the future, because that can be annoying.

  • Bruno Vilella

    It can be fixed using the “hide top bar” option on settings app. It will disable the ipod functionality though

  • malek fata

    very cool tweak ..however it made a delay while pressing home button, and my iphone4s freezes when I get into wifi setting. Also when you swipe right or left the weather widget the notification center is pulled. kindly check !!!

  • Perfect tweak!!!!!