As noted by MacRumors, a new app went live in the App Store yesterday called Bluetooth OnOff. As the name suggests, the software enables you to toggle your iOS device’s bluetooth settings on or off with a single tap.

This is a big deal for a couple of reasons. For one, Apple has a history of denying or removing apps from the App Store that access iOS settings. And two, it makes toggling bluetooth much easier for non-jailbreakers

UPDATE: As feared, Apple has yanked the app over its use of private APIs.

From the App Store description:

“Did it take too many steps just to turn on/off bluetooth? You can turn on/off just by launching this app. Just in a second, you can activate or deactivate bluetooth.

*Tip: Turn on the app’s setting if you want to turn [bluetooth] on/off upon launch.”

The app also has a weird chat feature, which allows you to talk over bluetooth with other users within range. But obviously most folks are going to be more interested in the app’s one-touch bluetooth-toggling element.

As of this writing, Bluetooth OnOff is still available. But given Apple’s track record, we don’t know how long that will hold true. If you’re interested in the app, you can download it from the App Store now for $0.99.

What do you think of Bluetooth OnOff?

  • Just bought it and works without a hitch. Now for airplane or wifi!

  • Anonymous

    you have to PAY 1 dollar to be able to easily toggle Bluetooth.. and ppl are “amazed”

    • Nobody is amazed but what it can do or the price. The amazing part is that Apple has approved it.

  • I hate to say this, but I just don’t need to turn on/off my BT that urgently and often to justify a $0.99 price!

    If it were FREE, then I might consider downloading it, but even then, I don’t think I would…

    Am I alone with this?

    • Really? 1 dollar is too much for you? Give the develop or some credit, he spent the time making this app, he deserves a dollar for his work!

      • If you actually bothered yourself to read my post, you will see the very first thing I stated was that: “I just don’t need to turn on/off my BT that urgently and often to justify a $0.99 price!”

        If I was constantly turning it on and off, then yes, I would GLADLY PAY a meger $0.99 for the handy App!

        But, truth be told, I have only had to turn off my BT two or three times over the last year!

  • Anonymous

    Arent there toggles like this in Cydia? And aren’t those toggles usually ridiculed for taking up space?

  • Anonymous

    Arent there toggles like this in Cydia? And aren’t those toggles usually ridiculed for taking up space?

  • Sbs settings all the way – for free

    • Not on an iPhone 4S though with 5.1…….be realistic

  • Anonymous

    Are we THAT lazy?! Willing to pay for something that can be done for free(few extra clicks but gets the job done).

    • It’s convenience, not laziness. Do you not have bookmarks on your browser? Are you THAT lazy that you don’t type in the address? Remote entry to your car? Washing machine?

      And I agree, I wouldn’t pay for something like this. Especially when you were able to do this on iOS 5.0, until Apple thought it was a good idea to remove those functions in iOS 5.1.

      And, I have a 4S, so I leave it on all the time.

  • I really wanted this….BUT ITS $.99 !!!!!! I recently got bluetooth audio speakers and that app would come in handy very much

    • If it will “come in handy very much,” then spend a freakin’ dollar you cheapskate.


  • How the hell did this get approved in the App Store? o______o

  • Someone should have told the developer to release it on cydia instead. Then there could be more to the app to make it more compelling. Like a live icon.

    • Anonymous

      Try the cydia tweak Bluetooth Mode. Works better and it’s free.

      • Bluetooth mode is a paid app.. Your using a hacked copy ..

      • Anonymous

        Why the hell would you say that. Did you stop to think unmade a mistake. I download too many apps per week . Free and paid.

        How date you say I’m using a HACKED copy. What a fraaking JERK you are!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This app creases when launched. Even after reboot! I wasted a buck. bluetoothmode in cydia seems to work fine.

  • Raúl D.Martín

    NCSettings FTW. The last updates made it the sbsettings-killer

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of money.