You can never accuse Google of not trying. Successful or not, the search company has tried its hand in several markets over the past few years. And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

TheNextWeb is reporting today that it has gotten its hands on a draft release from a partner of Google’s upcoming Google Drive service. That’s right. Google’s about to take on DropBox in the cloud-based storage space…

According to the report, Google Drive will be a free service providing users with 5GB of storage. Which, as the site points out, is more than double the amount of the 2GB that DropBox offers. It’s expected to launch next Tuesday on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Considering the context, Google Drive sounds more like a drag-and-drop file storage option than an iCloud competitor. iCloud is more for backing up personal content and app information.

Obviously we’ll know more about the service when it hits next week. But the real question here is that with options like the aforementioned DropBox, Pogoplug and SugarSync, is there really room for Google’s new cloud offering?

What’s your iOS-compatible cloud service of choice? Would you dump it for Google Drive?

  • So far I’ve managed to get 23.2GB on DropBox for free! For life! Nothing can beat this at the moment. 😛

    • Totally agree ~ through I “only” got 9.5GB for free! Google needs to over bid The competitors to get The Pole Position / They Can afford it / ;0)

    • Anonymous

      I’ve get 19GB. I don’t know how to get more. How did you did it? :O

    • Free for life until Dropbox goes out of business or changes business model. Nothing is for life 😉

    • Anonymous

      I’m at 25.88GB (free as well), so there’s no way I’d switch to GDrive, but google isn’t playing to us…new dropbox users still at 2 or 3 or even 5GB will be looking at this I’m sure.

  • I don’t see the point of allowing Google to have EVEN MORE access to your private information…..

  • There’s always room for more cloud sync

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget Microsoft’s Skydrive and Amazon’s Cloud Drive

    • SkyDrive gives you 25GB

      • Yearh, but Skydrive hasn’t got build-in features in almost every relevant app, in the Store. GB’s Good, but not The only criteria for at good service.
        ~ Right? ~

      • You’re absolutely right. That’s why I don’t use it ;P

    • Anonymous

      Skydrive limits your upload file size to like 100MB. Don’t know about Amazon, but dropbox doesn’t limit your file size.

  • Google giving free cloud next week

  • Anonymous

    If we can stream music from the cloud to our devices then its worth it… I’m pretty sure you can already do that… but you have to do it via safari.

  • Oleksii Rudenko

    russian Яндекс.Диск provide you 10 GB of free space with no file size limitations , it same like DropBox, iOS-compatible.