Have you recently received a notification on one of your iOS devices prompting you to confirm your Apple ID password? If so, you’re not alone. Users have been flocking to Apple’s support forums to report the suspicious popup.

No, it’s not a phishing scam. Apple is trying to beef up its security. TheNextWeb is reporting that over the past 24 hours, the company has started prompting iOS device owners to make their accounts more secure…

The new security measures appear to include, but are likely not limited to, picking three security questions, answering those questions when downloading a new app, and entering in a backup email address.

Once you have followed all of these steps, you’ll likely receive an email that looks like this:

Thank you.

You’ve taken the added security step and provided a rescue email address. Now all you need to do is verify that it belongs to you.

The rescue address you have given us is xxx@xxx.com Just click the link below to verify, sign in using your Apple ID and password, then follow the prompts.

The rescue email address is dedicated to your security and allows Apple to get in touch if any account questions come up, such as the need to reset or change your security questions. As promised, Apple will never send you any announcements or marketing messages to this address.

It’s not surprising that Apple is taking these extra steps to ensure account safety. Aside from making app and media purchases through iTunes, Apple IDs are also linked to the company’s retail operations.

Have you received the ‘Security Info Required’ popup on your iOS device yet?

  • No I haven’t yet and I just downloaded Dream:On

  • They are doing this again? If I get this pop up I will probably just stop using the damn app store all together,

  • UMMMM……

    Did Apple really use a “porn” email address in their above notice???

    i.e. “xxx@xxx.com”

  • Yep, just got this. Forced me to change my password from a 6 letter password with no capitals or numbers to 8 characters with a capital and a number. I don’t mind the number so much but paired with the capital it’s actually annoying.

  • Anonymous

    yes. but i didn’t remembr my secrit qeastion. my apple id is gone ):

  • it poped up in my sister’s ipod touch 4g

  • a backup address? nope.

  • Anonymous

    Answer effing THREE security questions??? My BANK doesn’t require that.

    My fella just got this for the first time and said he’ll just quit using the damn App Store. He also has one email address and doesn’t feel like creating another one just for this nonsense.

    If Apple wants to lose damned loyal customers by asking them to bend over backward every time they purchase a 99¢ app, good luck to them.