SwipeCam is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to use your Lock screen camera toggle as a gateway to more options.

SwipeCam only works with the old Lock screen camera interface, so that means devices below iOS 5.1.

Once the tweak is installed, simply enabled it, invoke your Lock screen camera shortcut, and swipe on the camera icon to reveal the additional toggles…

The tweak has yet to be released on Cydia, but as of this writing there were only two toggles available for use — Airplane Mode and WiFi.

At the tweak’s reported $1.49 asking price, I have to admit that it’s pretty steep considering the amount of options you get.

SwipeCam should be available for download tomorrow on Cydia. Be sure to share your thoughts about the tweak below.

  • Hello, I’m the developer, the tweak should be released in the really near future, and I’m working on new toggles, and much better design for the toggles. iOS 5.1 support will come as well.

    • hello developer cant wait to have this , was wondering if u can make a tweak like in iOS 5.1 to delete pics from photostream on my iPhone 4s would be a nice money maker for u

    • does it work with Camera Grabber? This tweak is nice and helpful though

  • Ron, I love the idea. very original! ps. i notice the camera toggle has a different icon.. are there any changes to the quickness of opening the lockscreen camera app? or will it be just as fast as it is on stock ios lockscreens? ….

  • I would like something like this but that lets you swipe between other app shortcuts.

  • Shahrouz, no, it will be fast as the normal cam shortcut, but the update that will be coming will include the original image.

    Pedro, I’m working on that already 🙂

    • also can you add a torch toggle so if we need our flashlight we can just toggle it from the lockscreen? this tweak has so much potential. i love how its so minimalistic in the corner there.. 🙂

    • Hey Ron how are ya? Would this work on iPad 2 5.0.1? Or in the future? Thanks!

  • 1.50$ for just 2 toggle ? c’mon be acceptable.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so this is YET ANOTHER tweak to put the (in my opinion) unnecessary toggles on YET ANOTHER place on your iPhone?

    You already have them on the Notif. Center, on the SBSettings menu, maybe even on the Mutitasking thingy, I dont know. Now on the lockscreen AS WELL?

    Yes, maybe some people need these toggles to be somewhere accesible. But no one needs them THIS MUCH. Anyways, my point in this ranting (my apologies), is what has happened to the creativity in the Dev. Community?

    This IS NOT against this tweak’s developer. In the past, tweaks were innovative, useful! Heck, most of them were even free! Now they’re all the same stuff (for not using another word). Or I dont know, maybe it’s just this Jeff guy that has some weird obsession with all these “toggle” tweaks.

    PS: Don’t use the “why dont you do it yourself?” card against me. I know its there.

    • atleast .99cents, just like sebastionpage said about iLettars steeeaaaap $1.59 were u guys find these numbers from lol .99cents should be the limit ,, highest price

  • i use sbsettings to change toggles on lockscreen which is more intuitive….

    what iOS lacks now is a bluetooth app that really works well to send / receive from other devices….current options around freezes my music player, and does nt work in sending / receiving ( but works well for some ), or nt available for ios 5….

    • Airblue Sharing integrates with ios and sends files via bluetooth to any phone or computer ie. nokia, blackberry etc…

  • first i use sbsetting to toggle but due to ram usuage ny sb now m using powerlock which far beter than this

  • Honey I blew up the icons