Experiencing Wi-Fi problems with your new iPad? Apparently you’re not alone. According to a recent report from 9to5Mac, hundreds of new iPad owners have taken to Apple’s online support forums complaining of the issue.

In fact, the site has gotten its hands on an internal Apple memo (above) that instructs retail employees to “capture” affected devices — meaning send them in to Apple for inspection — and replace them under warranty…

The issue seems to only be affecting third-generation Wi-Fi iPads, and includes intermittent connectivity, slow data speeds, and inability to see Wi-Fi networks.

Here’s one user’s explanation of the bug:

“I am in a hotel with my laptop and new iPad 3. The laptop Wi-Fi reception is as strong as it gets, but the iPad only registers a weak signal. Anyone else having similar problems? Any suggestions?”

If you’re experiencing Wi-Fi problems with your new iPad, try taking it in to your local Apple Store. If they determine that the issue isn’t software-related, it sounds like they’ll replace it on the spot.

Have you been having problems with your new iPad?

  • My iPad 3 is working fine with my home router but not very well when tethering connection from my iPhone 4S.
    Connection isn’t stable and pings are very high.

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  • Meki anak uph gede2 semua 🙂

  • I got the same problems but with the iPad 2, I think this whole thing is a software issue!

  • I have a problem with something different. My Ipad itd stuck on Edge signal and wont go to 3G. To pick the 3G signal I have to every time restore my device and set up as a new one. It is real pain in the … Nothing helps- no sim card changing, or network settings reset… I’m on Tmobile network in Poland. Any advice?

  • Anonymous

    Having same WiFi issues with my new iPad as well.

  • Anonymous

    …but if consumer reports had mentioned anything about the wi-fi they’d totally be out to get all apple products, right?

  • Should this have tested properly before it was available to customer?

  • David Breitbarth

    I noticed immediately that my new iPad had wi-fi problems. It’s range and signal strength paled next to my iPhone 4’s and my late ’07 MacBook’s. It also suffered from the “death grip.” I was able to shut down its wi-fi signal entirely within a couple of seconds in landscape mode by covering the area to the right of the home button with my thumb. I returned it to Tampa’s Apple Store and will wait a month to let this issue sort itself out. Looks like Apple’s on its way to doing just that.

  • Desmond Lim SS

    I have bought the new iPad. 3G + wifi. After long connection to wifi, I have problem connecting it to 3G. Have to reboot. Is this a bug ?