Excluding some regional carriers such as nTelos (which begins carrying the iPhone on April 20), Sprint remains the only major wireless carrier in the United States with an unlimited everything plan. Unlike others, Sprint’s iPhone customers are enjoying unlimited data. Not surprisingly, the carrier would love to retain this key differentiator as it’s prepping to finally roll out 4G LTE.

According to a new report, a Sprint spokesperson has now confirmed that the carrier is planning on offering unlimited data when their 4G LTE network goes live. 4G LTE support is all but given for the upcoming sixth-generation iPhone. Even with Sprint being terribly late with 4G LTE deployment, this is still good news for future iPhone customers.

The speed increase offered by 4G LTE technology over 3G HSPA+ is substantial. And if the new 4G iPad is anything to go by, unlimited data could sway those prospective data-hungry customers.

A Sprint spokesperson told TechHog and Engadget, responding to an inquiry about unlimited data on their 4G LTE network when the Viper 4G is released:

You are correct, LG Viper 4G LTE will be available on Sprint’s network featuring unlimited data.

There you have it. The LG Viper – and any other 4G LTE smartphone or a tablet for that matter – will be eligible for Sprint’s Unlimited Everything plans. And we know from before that Sprint’s network will be eligible for 4G LTE iPhone.

The carrier will deploy 4G LTE in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio in mid-year 2012. Other markets will follow in the third and fourth quarters.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse recently argued that iPhone users are more profitable and use less data than other smartphone customers. This is likely because Sprint’s iPhone customers don’t achieve full 3G speeds as their network exhibits by far the slowest download speeds among the big three carriers.

With 4G LTE deployment, Sprint is making a long overdue jump into the future.

I wonder how long before they begin instituting data throttling once all those 4G LTE smartphone and tablet customers begin sucking up large hunks of data.

One thing is certain: this unlimited everything mantra concerning Sprint’s 4G LTE network will likely come with some fine print.

Do you really think Sprint will let you have your cake and eat it, too – without a caveat of sorts?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually used sprint, Verizon and AT&T at some point, and I remember sprint being really good, although that was 5+ years ago. If Bloomington weren’t getting 4g towers today I would switch from AT&T to sprint.

  • Anonymous

    interesting… But not enough to make me jump ship. The only flaw i have with AT&T is no unlimited data plans. I have 2 gb plan and use about 60-80% of my data. I’m always around wifi. Sprint speeds where i live are horrible. Reception follows as well. Say what you want about AT&T but where i live they have great reception. Data speeds on iPhone 4s HSPA + download= 4-5 mb/s upload= 3-4mb/s

  • Yeah, it’s slow. But at least I can watch as much Slingbox as I want – unlike AT$T who refuses to hold up their end of an “unlimited data” contract. I hope those thieves go bankrupt.

    • I’ve been with AT&T since the iPhone was released. I was with T-Moble before that. I was nearly switched to Sprint for a 4s. The only thing that stopped me was using a friends phone for a day on it. Slow data is an under statement! It was well below 1Mb/2 here in San Diego.

      I for one am sick of AT&T. The second someone has a data connection that competes with them in both speed and price is the day I am gone!

  • I’ve been with Sprint for over 16 years and seen their progression. If they keep the unlimited data plan, that would be a great thing. Their customer service has gotten a lot better. In prep for the iphone 5, i hope more towers popup to allow for better coverage.

    Still, i think Sprint is the best deal out there for data hungry smartphone users like me.