Paper, a new iPad sketch app, launched last night with quite a bang. That’s not surprising when you consider it has a gorgeous UI, and the fact that many of its creators are ex-Microsoft employees, who once worked on the infamous Courier project.

I know what you’re thinking. “Great, exactly what the iPad needs, another sketch app.” But before you go writing this one off, you might want to see what all of the fuss is about…

From the moment you first open Paper, you can tell it’s well designed. You’re initially greeted with three interactive sketchbooks, with an option to create others. A majority of the app is run by swipes and pinch gestures — which makes it extremely easy to navigate.

But it’s not just Paper’s UI that sets it apart from the competition. It also features some great-looking drawing utensils including a felt-tipped pen, a pencil, a marker, a paint brush, and a tiny-tipped pen for writing text. Each one comes in 9 different colors.

The good news is that Paper is a free app. The bad news is, it only comes with the felt-tipped pen. It’ll cost you $1.99 per utensil to unlock the others — which is kind of a bummer. Nevertheless, if you own an iPad, this sketch app is definitely worth checking out.

Have you tried Paper yet? What’d you think?

  • Its trully well polished and awesome…
    talking about ex-microsoft stuff, it kicks taposé back to the space…
    very well done ths one…

  • Anonymous

    $1.99 per utensil! LMFAO

  • If I could type and insert images it would make it my perfect sketch/ideas app

  • Anonymous

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  • Looks polished, but really not sure I need another sketch / journal app.

    I use Tapose now for media-heavy journals, Notability for data heavy, and Penultimate is the middle ground for creativity. For real drawing, SketchBook, Procreate and a few other tools would be my go-to.

    This looks a little too in-between drawing and journals, but the fact that it’s free for one brush-type will probably get it a spot in my apps, at least.

  • Wait, i’m confused, is it Paper or is it an iPad?!?!?!? 😛

    • Anonymous

      It’s an app on the iPad…

  • Anonymous

    Why is Jeff uploading to Vimeo?

    • cuz that’s where all the professionals are…
      but i hope he sticks with youtube…

      • Anonymous

        Everything on Vimeo is professional, but the profits on youtube. And overall, Jeff lives from creating his videos.

  • All the review of the app seems to suggest “no” for me… also when you click on the “support” link, it links you to a page that doesn’t exist… lol

    I think I’ll give this one a miss. Tapose in next on the agenda =D

  • I can’t see what all the fuss is about – this app is all style over substance, the interace is awesome, but the actual tool is terrible. No brush sizes or opacity, and no wrist guard. Noteshelf pisses all over this even if it isnt as sexy to look at.

  • wanna this app!

  • Alexander Vinogradov

    The best sketch app ever!!! 1st I thought just another bulsh app, but I tried it… no comment…i want one for iphone..Drawing with watercolors is awesome, you can make shadows and then blur them with single press, when you draw using it every pic looks like a pro. No other app can do the same, it reinvented sketch, like Facebook did for social

  • Robert John

    Ultimate note-taker here (Also anime illustrator). I recommend:

    FOR DRAWING: Paper. A dream for sketchers. It has a fault or two, but ok, all apps do. We let them know, they’ll improve it. Works superb for my anime drafts. everything feels dynamic. just wonderful.

    FOR NOTE-TAKING: Evernote with CamNote notebooks and app. CamNote’s camera is marvellous! write in a CamNote notebook, digitise using CamNote app, it automatically syncs to your Evernote.

    If anyone knows any other sketching n note-taking apps that are also great – plz let me know.