Well this isn’t too surprising. TheNextWeb is reporting that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced plans to file a lawsuit against Apple in the next 48 hours regarding its “misleading” iPad WiFi + 4G advertising.

As most of you know, the wireless version of Apple’s new tablet is indeed compatible with 4G networks here in the US and in Canada. But in other countries, including Australia, the slate is limited to 3G data speeds and, if available, HSPA+…

The ACCC believes that since the new iPad can’t connect to 4G mobile data networks in Australia, the name “iPad WiFi + 4G” is inaccurate and misleading to consumers. So it plans to take action.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that Apple has added a warning to its website regarding the 4G iPad model to help clear up any confusion. It reads:

“The iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G model can roam worldwide on fast GSM/UMTS networks, including HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA. When you travel internationally, you can use a micro-SIM card from a local carrier. You can also connect to the 4G LTE networks of AT&T and Verizon in the U.S. and Bell, Rogers, and Telus in Canada.”

But is this enough to keep consumers from expecting the WiFi + 4G iPad model to run on 4G networks in their home country? The ACCC doesn’t seem to think so.

According to the report, the Commission is expected to file an application in federal court in Melbourne tomorrow, and is seeking injunctions, penalties, corrective advertising and refunds to consumers who were misled.

What do you think? Should Apple remove the term “4G” from new iPad advertisements outside of the US and Canada?

  • Yup.In Singapore, there is only HSPA yet Apple said here have 4G LTE even our Carrier said ew can use 4G LTE here ~ Fasle advertising 🙁

  • 4G Is advertised here by Telstra, on select phones and the iPad is marketed as 4G even though its incompatible, I guess its justified.

    • how is this justified? The phones Telstra carry run on a different frequency than that of the USA but are indeed 4G. The iPad only has compatibility to the US 4G frequency.

  • I’m sure apple has already prepared itself for this. Technically it is 3G 3.75 in some locations. And the 4G symbol isn’t there 100% of the time.

    So far this week-
    -83 year old women slams her head in glass sues apple
    -And Austrian government sues apple on 4G

  • Bunch of babies.. The consumer is not quite as stupid as you would like to think, even though they, like the government tend to act that way often enough.

  • I think its the Australian carriers fault for being cheap if they only have HSPA just sayin

    • Dude we have 4G. Learn to facts.

  • tim


    I think it’s great that the ACCC is taking some kind of action. whatever you say, it is still false advertising. no need to blame our telcos because we don’t have the right frequency for the iPad 4g to connect to, it’s apples product and they should have the name fit the parametres that our country has. I’m all for apple to be forced to change their market name for this thing. although, I will say that everywhere (that I’ve seen) that the iPad 3 4g models are being sold, there are enough signs for people to see. but that still isn’t a good enough intervention step to prevent people from mistakenly buying and ipad
    that they believe can connect to our 4g network. there would be many retailers, (even online shops, such as eBay) that wouldn’t have these *cannot connect to telstras 4g signal*’plastered everywhere. apple, the master of lawsuits should have been ready for backlash. I can see either side winning..but apple shouldn’t take this to court, they should concede and settle out of court. anyways thats it from me! (ps can’t wait for ion1c to ready up his jb and unleash it to the interweb. my iPad..it’s just so, so..stock).

    • I hope ACCC win, holding both my thumbs. Hope Apple have to pay some refund to each iPad 3G (3gn) sold under false advertisement. Hope all country outside USA do this.

  • Ali Aledany

    fuck were fucking getting 4g next year y the fuck do u hav to fucking sue apple

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s good idea to remove this and change to Wifi + LTE 😉

    • Agreed. Wifi + LTE is sensible. 4G is simply too broad a description at the moment.

      • Anonymous

        In Norway and Europe and another countries that does not support the new iPad LTE it should called Wifi + 3G (includes HSPA+) but in USA and Canada should called Wifi + LTE 😉

  • Because carriers in other country’s don’t have 4g it does not mean its not a 4g iPad ..

    • Anonymous

      But Australia does have 4G. It’s just a different frequency band to the American one. Apple shouldn’t advertise it as 4G everywhere unless it supports 4G everywhere

      • Go to apple site and click iPad .. Read the bit about wifi + 4G .. Please notice the No. 2 on there ..scroll to the bottom of the page.. And read where it says the 4G works… Apple have never said its a 4G everywhere device ..

  • Because something says 4g, it doesn’t mean your going to get 4g speeds or even LTE even here in america. If the device is capable of connecting to those speeds or any particular frequency and is advertised as so, it doesn’t mean it’s miss leading. It just means if you happen to be in an area that gets 4g you will pick up that signal, that’s it. On the contrary if a devise can not connect physically at 4g and they advertise it as 4g then I would 100% say that is false advertising.

  • My TV says HD but I don’t get HD channels I’m suing..

    The world is full of greedy morons.

    Because of idiots like these we need to put warnings on frozen pizzas DO NOT TAKE Pizza out of oven with bare hands.

    Makes me thinks Australia is run by idiots now

    • I agree, LTE/4G Capable. Means if it is available in your area you will have the service. If its not, STOP CRYING!

    • I agree fully.
      Its not like the consumers are mental retards -.- Very wierd.

    • I agree fully.
      Its not like the consumers are mental retards -.- Very wierd.

    • http://www.boards.sharkchan.org/r/src/1329965217601.jpg
      I said it before, and I guess I have to say it again. LTE bands used in North America: 700/ 800 and 1700/ 1900 MHz, Europe: 800, 1800, 2600 MHz, Asia 1800, 2600 Mhz, Australia: 1800 MHz.
      The iPad uses 700 and 2100 MHz bands. See why its incompatible? But of course, as always, the whole fucking world has to comply to USA’s standards. Countries across three damn continents have to upgrade their networks, because, of course, that is easier than actually making the device compatible. Well fuck that! Apple is OBVIOUSLY the one at fault here for branding the iPad as LTE compatible worldwide, even though it only supports it in the US.

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s like your TV saying it receives HD, but not the ones aired in your country. You have to move to another country if you ever want to watch HD on it.

      • I actually don’t HD here in the country.. Not even Direct or dish because of all the trees… I should sue

    • As an Australian, I can indeed confirm that our country is run by idiots

  • I live in the states and they dont offer LTE where I live either. Does that mean I can sue Apple?!? #sarcasm

  • Kevin Kong

    The hardware is 4G, isnt it lol.
    Its like buying a race car, or ferrari that can drive upto 300km/h but have road signs 50km/h only.

    • actually its nothing like your stupid analogy

  • Kevin Kong

    The hardware is 4G, isnt it lol.
    Its like buying a race car, or ferrari that can drive upto 300km/h but have road signs 50km/h only.

  • They arent suing for money they will just want clearer advertising and conditions to be met ie. accept back any ipads people dont want now. We sell ipads at my store. we sell telstra 4g sim cards. logically the 2 should go together right?.. Wrong. Every customer i have sold an ipad to hadnt heard of this problem and assumed they were compatible with telstra 4g network seeing as it is one of the only in australia. Apple limit what we can display on their behalf also. So we have a price guide on display and in the tiny fine print on an already small display it mentions 4g only available in the US and Canada. Its not very fair on the consumer to advertise The New iPad WIFI + 4G*

    *4G not available.

    For sale Ferrari F50* $500

    *actually a red bicycle that doesnt work.

  • Anonymous

    You’re all missing the point. I assume most people on this blog are actually somewhat tech savy. The average consumer is very dumb. If they see 4G on the box they are going to think it gets 4G. If it isn’t availble anywhere in the country I think it would make sense to have different packaging there.

    • Anonymous

      If you think I’m kidding about consumers being dumb go hangout at your local apple store, bestbuy, verizon or AT&T store and just listen to some of the questions people are asking employees (half the time the employees give such bad answers). The point is if you ever worked in retail you will see the things you assume are common sense really aren’t common at all.

    • Australia has 4G…so when the box of the ipad says 4G they would naturally come to the conclusion that it will connect to their 4G networks. Apple should pay 100 million dollars for this mistake. but really, apple needs to fire all these arrogant, idiots they got working there

  • With all the patent wars and now the the Austrailian government suing, Apple will never be at peace…..

    Good luck Apple…… Shall my blessings be with you….

  • Personally, I purchased mine because the box said iPad. I couldn’t give a rats butt-hole over 4G or any other advertising gimmicks a package may contain.

  • Fuck Australia, come the u.s. then

  • false and misleading advertising!

    • HSDPA+ can also be argued to be 4G, so Apple isn’t advertising falsely at all.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Wow… Freakin’ idiots…

  • Everyone I know in Australia were well aware of the fact that the iPad 3 wouldn’t be compatible with the 4G available in Australia, but they still wanted one. Apple do declare a warning on their website. And let’s just say for a moment the ACCC win their case … does that mean Apple have to hand over a bunch of money to someone? I bet that money won’t be distributed amongst ‘the people’.