Well that didn’t take long. It was just this morning that we reported that the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) was taking legal action against Apple for “misleading” Australian customers with its 4G iPad advertising.

The Commission feels that since the tablet isn’t compatible with Australia’s 4G networks, Apple shouldn’t advertise it as a 4G device. Apparently the Cupertino company agrees, because it’s already offering some customers refunds…

ABC News reports:

“Lawyers for the ACCC accused Apple of breaching consumer law by promoting the device as being able to connect to high-speed 4G mobile networks using a SIM card. The Federal Court heard Apple ignored warnings from the ACCC and was told the day before the iPad’s launch that it was misleading consumers.

Today Apple’s lawyers argued it was never specified that the iPad could connect to Telstra’s network, but told the court the device is compatible with other networks that by international standards are deemed 4G.

Apple has agreed to publish a clarification that states the product supports ultra-fast mobile networks but is not compatible with the Telstra network. The company says it will email purchasers offering a refund if they believe they have been misled. Clarifications will also be made at the point of sale.”

The article goes on to say that the iPad-maker has entered into discussions with the ACCC regarding the matter and will return to the Melbourne Federal Court tomorrow.

Whether it admits it or not, Apple obviously feels that it has misstepped here. It certainly doesn’t have a track record for giving up quickly without a fight.

Considering that the Wi-Fi + 4G iPad model is available in over 30 countries that don’t have compatible LTE networks, it’ll be interesting to see if other organizations follow the ACCC’s lead.

Perhaps Apple should consider renaming the tablet to iPad Wi-Fi + LTE or the iPad Xtreme (kidding, obviously).

What do you think?


  • 4G LTE is bit too early…

  • why even sell the iPad 4G if the frequency doesn’t match Australia’s? What did they expect people to buy it just to say the have the 4G version and not the wifi? it’s to be used not for show.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the uk will go down this road ??

    I haven’t bought the new I pad because there is no support over here for the new iPad
    Even if we had 4g it still wouldn’t support the 800mhz that is allocated for the 4g signal
    Which is a bummer

    • Anonymous

      Still supports 3G though so no biggie, otherwise what you’d get a iPad 2 because it says 3G in the name :/

      • Anonymous

        The new 4g iPad won’t work in the uk probably ever it will always use the 3G signal might as well wait till next year and see if the next one will work over here 🙂

  • Who cares. Get the iPad for what it is, a tablet, not a #G device (if your country does not support it). If you need Internet, use WiFi.. much cheaper too.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    I wonder how many other phone manufacturers have a device that is being marketed as a 4G device in Australia and isn’t. No one knows or cares they just decided to go after the biggest cat to prove a point. So is america going to sue T-Mo, Sprint and AT&T for using 4G moniker on HSPA+ and Wi-Max networks when the speeds aren’t even near 4G speeds.

  • Seriously, who would get a refund after waiting so long to get it!!?

  • KewlDewd

    I don’t understand why such a big fuss is being made of this. Apple offers refunds to anyone and everyone who buys an iPad within the timeframe set by their return policy. So if the 4G capability of the iPad doesn’t work in your area, and that’s a deal breaker for you, then return it. Simple as that.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    No I don’t know that for a fact that’s the greatest thing about being American is that your entitled to your own opinion. Oh yeah and that the iPad connects to a 4G network here LOL. I never said the ACCC was established to hunt the biggest cat. I said they went after the biggest cat this time. I’m glad they looking after the consumers interest. My point is with 4G being so NEW you would think consumers would ask up front does it connect to local 4G networks and then they would know. You see the carriers also have the obligation to tell the consumer the truth. How could they let a device be marketed as something they don’t support it’s just insane. That is why I think they went after the biggest cat to make sure no one else pulls this stupid marketing scheme in there country. Of course the marketing slipped through the cracks. I call it the O.B.A.M.A. (one big as mistake apple). I was curious as how how many phones were being marketed as 4G that weren’t actual 4G devices. I’m not sure why you pointed me Telstra website, Are they the only carrier in Australia? Come dude don’t get panties in a wad so quickly. I Love Australia. One of my good friends is from Bribane.

  • Apple were foolish and stubborn in refusing to change their packing or use a disclaimer sticker, but I doubt there will be many people actually ask for a refund.