NCSettings is a free jailbreak tweak that adds an SBSettings inspired set of toggles to iOS 5’s Notification Center.

While the description of the tweak may sound run of the mill, it’s a beautiful looking widget that has a nifty trick up its sleeve.

Check out our full video walkthrough of NCSettings inside…

The awesome thing about NCSettings is that you can tap and hold on any of the toggles to put them into “wiggle mode”. Doing this allows you to rearrange the toggle icons in an order that you see fit.

There’s also a settings panel included that lets you outright disable and enable various toggles as well.

Overall, NCSettings is a very beautiful and well functioning jailbreak widget that simply needs to be tried.

You can get it for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo, so what are you waiting for?

  • Anonymous

    This is my first jailbreak where I haven’t immediately installed SBSettings. It doesn’t really fit in well with iOS 5 in my opinion.

    I’ve made due using WeeSlide (brightness adjustments from NC) and Dimmer (Activator adjustments for Brightness), and two Activator menus: one for power options, and one which takes me to various settings.

    The only thing I’m missing about SBSettings is quick access to my IP address – but by adding Bonjour to my openSSH install that point is moot.

    This tweak is just another run-of-the-mill settings switcher, but at least it looks nice doing it.

    • Lupius

      SBSettings has a notification center widget too. I set the theme to “Serious SBSettings HD” and it looks very in place with the NC colour scheme.

      • only issue is that the SBSettings notification center widget is off center, and it’s a bit clunky looking. I keep NCSettings on my notification center, and if I really need the extra functionality, I’ll pull down SBSettings.

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s a good tweak. Sure it’s not as complete and full featured as SBSettings but it integrates much better with the notification centre and looks pretty good too.

    I think it’s great and I’d love it if they add a ”3G” and ”Reboot” option to it, that’ll make it complete for me :).

    • exactly my thoughts! A 3G button is key! Plus sometimes I would reboot using SBSettings “Power” toggle. That would be awesome too. Looks sweet also

  • Tom

    Cool tweak. It looks like the Intelliscreen X top shelf for people who don’t have Intelliscreen X.

    I won’t be needing it as I have ISX, but I can see people using it.

  • Jacob Karlsson

    Cool, i like it minimalistic!
    A little off topic but ive noticed that your NC is blurred. Whats the name of that tweak?

    • Gus Me

      NCColors is the one I use, which has a few different settings as well.

  • A 3G toggle would be great.I Hope they add it soon.

  • now I know why I have intelliscreenx. >.<

  • Good bye sbsettings!

  • Looks great! Just needs a 3G and Flashlight Button then its perfect 😀

  • Metroview

    This looks so much better than IntelliscreenX’s QuickSettings and buggy respring button. Add support for toggles for other apps such as RingerX VIP, BiteSMS Alerts, SMS GV Extension, etc. and this will be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Good but what kind of dev leaves 3G out??? Stupid since ipad2/4S turns it on every boot and u cant disable (5.1 ignored)

  • Fantastic tweak! It only needs 3G, Reboot and maybe flashlight toggles and it will be perfect!

  • jeff whats that rss feed notification plugin called?

  • The VPN toggle is also necessary for me .

  • let’s all sign a online petition to “force” ncsettings developer to add a 3g toggle :p
    kidding for sure!
    it is very nice and easy i think

  • Very good man. This is what I’ve been looking for since IOS5. I agree with 1grub. SBSettings doesn’t really work with the new IOS. This works perfectly and works quite well.

  • Anonymous

    updated with 3G and lots of shit !!

  • I need hotspot toggle! 😀

  • Don’t like it. I prefer Wee tool box instead.

  • Its good but it still needs a way to stop all applications running in the background and to clear up all processes too

  • I really like NCSettings, but I’ve had some issues with it. Using the reboot button my iPhone stucks in a respring infinite loop. Do you know something about it?

    • Mine is doing this as well…

      Holding down the power and home buttons together (even though it will respring again before your phone shuts down) seems to fix it.

  • Hey I’m not sure if I’m saying something stupid here but if the iphone is unlocked any user has the option to turn of location services (which include findmyiphone) without the need of a password.

    My iPhone is set to autolock in 5 minutes, so if say I lose my phone and someone finds it within 5 minutes of lock they can easily disable location services through NCSettings rendering findmyiphone useless.

    Can someone check this out too?

    One solution is to remove location services from the NCSettings so as not to show in notification center, but anyone who knows what they’re doing can easily turn them on again from NCsettings settings.

    Thank you and hope this helps (unless I’m mistaken!)

  • Guest

    Does it work on the iPad?