Apparently China is a hot topic today in the smartphone world. Earlier, we reported that the country’s Android and iOS device activations finally passed up those in the US. And now it looks like Microsoft wants in.

The company’s chief executive officer for the greater China region, Simon Leung, told Bloomberg this morning that Windows Phone will surpass the iPhone in smartphone market share in China by 2016…

For now, passing Apple’s market share in China wouldn’t be too difficult. With only two carrier partners in the country — both of which are fairly new — iOS handsets only account for around 12% of smartphones. But that number could grow substantially if Apple ever reaches a deal with China Mobile and its 650 million+ subscribers.

So how does Microsoft plan to beat the iPhone? Price. Leung says that Windows Phone manufacturing partners will soon be offering devices in the $150 range. In comparison, the iPhone 4S costs nearly $800 in China.

The Microsoft executive also believes that because Windows Phone has multiple hardware partners, including Nokia, Samsung and HTC, customers will have more options with its platform as opposed to Apple’s. And that will give it a significant advantage.

It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can deliver on its projections. Windows Phone, although highly-regarded by some critics, has so far failed to gain much traction here in the US or elsewhere. But perhaps the ‘lower cost of entry’ approach will serve it well. It certainly seems to be working for Android.

What do you think? Will Windows Phone pass up the iPhone in the next few years?


  • Anonymous

    I think Windows has a real shot at making their projections!

    The iPhone and iPad will ALWAYS be much more desirable to the Chinese over the Windows Phone, but that is mainly for the teens and 20-somethings.

    These young Chinese will get the money to buy their iPhones – as I said in my last post, I have a Niece over there who just recently got herself an iPhone4, she gets money from both Parents and Grand Parents, so buying “luxury” items for her is not an issue – the issue is availability!

    For the more practical “older” generation, any mobile will work for them, and the cheaper the better. This is right where Windows Phones can enter the market and succeed.

    The “Catch 22” – I bet you one Chinese RMB that Apple will stay far more profitable than Microsoft. How many Windows phones will need to be sold for Microsoft to equal the same profit Apple will enjoy with just one iPhone sale???

    • Thank you for making an unbiased statement. You don’t see that a lot here.

  • #Microsoft failied to beat the iPod with the Zune, now they will #Fail to beat the #iPhone with WP7. Remeber “Plays for sure”?

    • This is not twitter, buddy. Slap yourself for using hashtags.

      • And you don’t know that you can automaticly tweet your comments via Disqus

  • The windows phone is okay but Microsoft always makes critical flaws and forgets simple things. Like if you switch from one phone to another windows phones make it extremely difficult to transfer contacts. If you are using a messenger app on a windows phone and switch to your browser the messaging always signs out every time you leave the program. If your windows phone includes an SD Card, you cannot remove that card or the phone will not function properly because the phone moves part of the OS to the card. Maybe by 2016 they will have better software but it is just from personal experience that Microsoft is not good with software. Its only recently that as a company they even started to care what their customers thought at all. Hopefully they can change my mind I like the style of the Windows phones quite a lot.

    But Apple makes it very difficult for any carrier to even carry their phone. This may be a serious problem for them in the future. It nearly bankrupted Sprint to start carrying their phones. And they did not even get the new iPad 3 if anyone noticed.

    So who knows it will be very interesting to see what they future will bring. Hopefully the trend of big companies listening to their customers will continue and will make all of these products better in the long run.

    Sorry for the long post :).

  • Thomas Gehman

    Windows Phone sucks. Just wait for 6/7/8th gen iPhone!

  • im from hong kong, and have been to china so many times. my father works in china a lot, and tbh, teens in hong kong wud tend to buy iphones , whereas chinese adults wud buy iphones, as there is a different culture in the 2 places. people in china are showoffs ( not being offensive ) and so are teens in hong kong. Iphone has been very successful in making an impression to people that apple products are of higher class. although i dont personally think that way, i do so own a ipod touch. and i am proud that i am a fan of apple products, they do provide great customer services and deliver fantastic products to its customers.