DockHide is a recently released jailbreak tweak that enables you to hide the dock on your iPhone’s Home screen.

Along with outright hiding the dock, there’s also a provision to stretch out the remaining icon spacing to fill the void from the missing dock.

All of this is accomplished by means of a simple Activator action that you can configure via the tweak’s settings panel.

Check out our video walkthrough of DockHide inside…

DockHide is available for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Let us know what you think about this dock hiding jailbreak tweak in the comments below.

  • jose castro

    5.1 compatible

  • the point of this mod is? lol

    • jose castro

      to hide ur dock when ever u want lol i guess

      • Anonymous

        yeeeeaaahhhh um when and why would i want to hide my doc… this is lame.

      • Anonymous

        What a knob of a statement that is, just cos you don’t want to hide your dock, who cares? i’m sure others will and the fact it’s a new tweak and not 1 of the normal shit tweaks that does the same thing done by 10 others i happen to think is a good thing.

      • Anonymous

        There you go. 😉

  • Why is your location being used? O.o

  • It would be nicer if you could replace the dock with just a regular row of icons but then that’s changing six for a half a dozen.

    • That’s what I was expecting. I am not a fan of this tweak.

  • great tweak looks a lot cleaner without the dock there