Analysts have already predicted the new iPad having a record weekend, perhaps selling over a million units of the new tablet. The new iPad out of Cupertino went on sale Friday, and while Apple hasn’t sold out in its retail stores yet, demand for the new tablet is said to be high. New customers are especially interested in the iPad’s beautiful Retina display.

According to new numbers from advertising network Chitika, the new iPad already accounts for 5% of all iPads that are currently rummaging through the Internet…

The ad network explains how they come up with the numbers, but in short they track the new iPad’s growth in 12-hour segments. Capturing 5% in its opening weekend perhaps indicates that Apple has sold over a million units of the new iPad — which would just be astounding.

So why didn’t Apple sell out this weekend? The Cupertino-based company anticipated the huge demand and made the necessary amount of units. The new iPad initially sold out online, pushing back the shipping time for some.

According to some analysts, Apple is on track to sell its 100 millionth iPad this year. It recently came off an explosive quarter, selling 15 million units of the iPad 2 and iPad combined.

Apple will most likely publish numbers in the coming days, giving us the full story on how the iPad did this weekend.

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  • It should be more than that!!!

    • More? Thats almost 1 million New iPads! We know that the number is atleast 5%, it could easily be 6-10% depending on who surfed over Chitika ads. Apple has only sold 55 million iPads since the iPads release in 2010. One million on the first day would be Apples record.

  • Anonymous

    I’m using mine like freaking crazy, just love it

  • Aric Bolf

    Will the iPad become ubiquitous like the iPhone is? I think and hope so 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Such a jou to use specially with the text being so clear and crisp. lso a great gaming machine. Noticed that some apps are starting to update the resolution. Angry birds looks a little shitty on ot though.

  • Everybody just become addicted to apple device. Just like zombie virus.

  • Anonymous

    For many this is their first iPad and as such are using it extensively the first few days. My wife has a nasty sinus infection and has done little the past two days but play with her new toy ( I mean tool ).

    It really is an astounding device. I am now in the process of justifying why I should get one. Help me turn this want into a need.

  • I love the most is the new feature of the Garageband in the new iPad.. The smart strings.. Its stunning and playing it on my iphone 4s until 1am with my beats studio…