All things considered, it’s been a pretty good weekend for the jailbreak community. Not only have hackers managed to find multiple exploits for the new iPad (within 24 hours no less), but we’ve even seen proof of an untethered jailbreak.

It gets better. Word is that the work that is being done on Apple’s new tablet will also apply to older devices on iOS 5.1, except perhaps the new Apple TV. Apparently, the least expensive iOS device also happens to be the most secure…

Since he unveiled the first jailbroken iPad (3) last Friday, MuscleNerd has been using his Twitter account to make observations and answer questions regarding the recent jailbreak. Here’s one of his more interesting tweets:

That is ironic, considering it’s also one of the least popular iOS devices to jailbreak. But Apple’s not necessarily doing this on purpose, MuscleNerd explains. It’s just that the ATV has almost nothing in common with the other iOS devices, with only “a fraction of the software infrastructure.” This equates to less opportunities for discovering exploits.

The good news is that the Apple TV 2 will continue to be jailbreakable thanks to GeoHot’s limera1n bootroom exploit. But the bad news is that it doesn’t work for the new ATV, so who knows when or if it will be jailbroken.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on this project as more develops.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh. I wish Apple would just let their devices perform the functions they are capable of. Love the design and most features of Apple’s products, but some of the decisions they make are head scratchers.

    • You kidding, right? Apple is one of or the most successful brand out there right now, they are doing exactly what they need to keep growing. If they let their guards down more on jailbreaking, who knows if there would be much worse security exploits available that could enable your devices to be hacked much easier. I like that there are still ways to jailbreak, but I think there is a good reason it’s difficult.

      • Anonymous

        You’re kidding, right?

        Apple TV can play avi or mkv just fine. Yet you have to jailbreak to do so. That is just one example of the mind boggling decisions they make in limiting their own hardware.

      • In what situation would you ever need to play an avi or mkv file on an Apple TV?
        Everything you would want to watch is available through iTunes!
        (Apples perspective. And it’s the correct perspective. Allowing mkv or avi file playback essentially promotes piracy)

      • Tom

        I can see arguments for and against opening-up extra video codecs (from Apple’s point of view). I’m just happy that it can be done at all.

        My JBed Apple TV does everything I want it to, and it does it well. It’s the best £100 I ever spent. My video files are stored on my NAS, My Macbook Pro does not need to be on for me to watch them and they can be in pretty much any format under the sun. I would like to get a new Apple TV (that can play 1080p content) so that I can relegate my current (720p) ATV to the bedroom, but if it can’ t be jailbroken then I won’t bother. I might get a Raspberry Pi instead.

      • Anonymous

        I can play avi or mkv on my apple tv without a jailbrake. I have GoodPlayer app on my iPad2, it can read anything. Then I send it to my apple TV via Airplay. If you don’t like that solution, I can always use Handbrake to convert the AVI or MKV to MP4, pull the new file into my iTunes library, and access the iTunes library from my Apple TV.

      • They don’t want you to play those types of media because they don’t sell those types of media. They sell AppleTVs to sell more downloads. They make more money on downloads. It’s simple economics.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t agree with your assessment at all. In fact, in the past, the majority of security holes found in the iOS firmware have been patched by jailbreakers weeks, if not months, before Apple ever gets around to it. I agree with 1grub on this, if they embraced the jailbreaking community like Microsoft has, 3rd party developers and hackers would only enhance Apple’s devices and future software updates and encourage more developers to switch platforms.

    • You are right but for the wrong reasons… The Apple ecosystem is closed while its main competitor (android) remains open, but believe it or not, this is best for everyone. Having a closed system allows control and although not everyone agrees on decisions they are usually for the best. For example look at the Android marketplace; its a mess! Look at the Appstore; thriving and worth more than entire companies. Apple keep an amazing UI and realistically this may come down to a matter of opinion but most of us can agree there have been horrific modifications by some manufacturers to the Android UI. A closed system is also a more secure system and combined with the most intuitive mobile OS to date it makes for a great user experience for almost everyone. I mean give a young child an iPad and an Android tablet and see which one they can get to grips with faster? See which one they have more fun with? Imagine if they went on the Android marker!? You just wouldn’t feel safe letting them use your device. That’s why jailbreaking has to exist, so Apple and us can keep hold of that great ecosystem but still have access and control of what we want. Finally an open system can ruin a companies reputation amongst the laymen; if they have a bad experience with malware etc, they will blame Android despite it not really being their fault. With the popularity of the iOS platform where it stands currently it would be a nightmare if they allowed the system to be open and would destroy their reputation.

      • Anonymous

        I do not want Apple to open source iOS or anything crazy like that. I agree on many of your points.

        I want them to stop treating us like idiots. If they brought the new Gatekeeper feature to iOS that would be amazing. It’s annoying that they intentionally hobble their products.

      • Imahottguy

        The biggest issue with jailbreaking right now is that people unfamiliar with it associate it with piracy. Obviously we know that there are many many of us out there that do not jailbreak to steal apps, but that is not what matters. If the public thinks that jailbreaking = pirating, Apple could not concede even a little bit, they don’t want to appear that they are giving in to pirates. There will never be a “gatekeeper” for iOS, regardless of what the public thinks of jailbreaking.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I was looking forward to jailbreaking my new Apple TV 2, I guess for now I will have to patiently wait.

    One feature I am interested in with my new ATV 2 is does it have Bluetooth??? I want to use my bluetooth stereo headphones to listen to the TV late at night while my wife is sleeping.

    I understand the original ATV had BT, and with the jailbreak it was operational. But, so far, from what I’ve read, nobody has reported if the new ATV 2 has BT.

    It still astounds me that Apple would have put BT in the original ATV, but never activated it???? So weird….. LOL!!!

  • Imahottguy

    That is so weird! I guess it makes sense, the less software they share, the less opportunity for exploits… Just for the spirit of hacking, I’d love to see them find a bootrom exploit in this device.