Tinhte, the Vietnamese tech blog who got its hands of the new iPad and released the first unboxing video earlier today, put Apple’s new tablet to the test and posted the Geekbench benchmarks of the device.

The results confirm earlier reports that the new iPad would sport 1GB of RAM, double that of the iPad 2. The benchmark also reveals that the new iPad has the same 1GHz CPU which can be found in the A5 chip…

The new iPad scored a score of 756, which is on par with what the iPad 2 scored, but as MacRumors notes, those benchmarks only take into account processor and memory performances, without putting graphics capabilities to the test, which really is all the meat of the new A5X chip.

For more benchmark results, make sure to visit tinhte.vn. Hopefully, you speak a better Vietnamese than I do.

  • Nice! Can’t wait til Friday!


  • Anonymous

    Sigh… my fears have been realized.

    The problem I see is if Apple decides to put a faster dual-core/quad-core processor into the iPhone 6, it’ll have fragmentation on its hands, something no one wants. But no increase in speed means less sales… especially when other companies are making incredibly fast dual-core processors or quad-core ones. I hope Apple knows what it’s doing…

    • Anonymous

      I am pretty sure that Apple’s numbers and stock price prove they know what they are doing… Specially since they are suppose to sell 1,000,000 iPads on Friday! Why is everyone so concerned about the specs… they really don’t mean much any more…

      • Anonymous

        They do when:
        A) Your device gets outdated in a year or two, like how the iPhone 4 got outdated in 4 months once the iPad 2 came out.
        B) You jailbreak and want as smooth an experience as possible.

  • oh, so now I see why Apple hinted that they don’t worry about the specs!, it should just work for the people!….

    No excitement to buy the new iPad at ALL !!!. If you want to get a thing that just works fine then I Guess the older iPads are doing just fine! Why need an upgrade and pay more money to get almost… “THE SAME THING” !.

    Apple must have lost its mind in getting involved in implementing useless lawsuits against those who actually does something better than them!

  • I speak Vietnamese. Just saying.

  • Jovani Hernandez

    Same specs as my ipad2 just has a gig of ram