Springround — the jailbreak tweak that allows you to access your SpringBoard icons from anywhere — is now live on Cydia.

We’ve already previewed this tweak, and we were pretty satisfied with the results. It’s awesome to be able to load up your app icons while within another app, and as one viewer described it, it’s like “reverse multitasking”.

Check out our video demonstration of Springround, and if you’re satisfied with what you see, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can download it for $0.99.

  • That’s a really nice Tweak.. Really fast !! Awesome!! I just get it

  • jose castro


  • I’ve already had such functionality with Backgrounder+Zephyr bug

    • tried and bugged with Zephyr,
      and just thinking that why Springround if Zephyr…?

  • Anonymous

    i have this and its cool that you can do other stuff while your main app load behind.. this with zephyr and backgrounder makes iphone very flexible

  • Cool, might come handy.Speed up things when you type email/SMS/Twitter and you need traslator

  • Wild Star

    it dasn’t work with iWall

  • Wild Star

    it dasn’t work with Multiwall