It’s like DisplayRecorder — without the recording. TouchPosé is a jailbreak tweak that places a little blue circle on the screen whenever the screen is touched.

You can enable and disable the finger tracking circle using a simple Activator action, but the tweak has no additional settings or options to configure.

Take a look inside for a video walkthrough of TouchPosé in action…

I do wish the developer would have included options to configure the touch indicator, the blue circle is a nice fit, but RGB sliders, and perhaps even icons would have been swell.

If you’re interested in giving TouchPosé a go, it can be had for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

What do you think about TouchPosé? Does it seem useful to you?

  • i like that posé. *touch posé*

  • is it a memory resource hog?

  • Anonymous

    In case people forget where their finger is while using their phone? Because I’m pretty sure the average human knows.

    • its just a cool tweak. kinda like themes. they’re not needed, but people like them

  • Anonymous

    if you could control the circle with your mind it would be awesome 🙂 but otherwise i’ve not a clue why anyone would want this.

  • What a dumb, and useless idea. Might have been a semi decent idea when the first iPhone came out. But now it’s just dumb.

  • Anonymous

    This tweak reminds me on windows. Where u had mouse trails or different color mouse trails. Neat tweak at first but u get tired of it after awhile

  • Luis Finke

    it could be used if youre having a problem with touch screen calibration, but i dont think thats happened to anyone on an iphone before

  • I always wanted to ask if there is an application for windows which is similar to the application imessage for mac?

  • They should use that blue smokey type of pointer that apple included in the GarageBand update when you drag the pitch up and down on the notes of the keyboard. That would look amazing!

  • It’s a great tweak for recording iPhone tutorials

  • Anonymous

    It would be useful for people that use TVOut 2 tweak from Cydia for tutorials I guess. that’s all I can think of. Better then paying for DisplayRecorder i guess.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of porting Tabbed Browsing to the iPhone, people are doing this -.-

    (And don’t come at me with your “why don’t you do it yourself” crap)

  • Wish I could change the graphic circle. Too bad it’s not able to be customized. Would love to release some themes for it.

  • Kempi

    TrAnslation (touch pussy)

  • Shekar Reddy

    Not as an iOS app on the AppStore?