Earlier today we brought you details on ih8sn0w’s 2.9.2 release of Sn0wBreeze for Windows.

Now we’ve put together a written tutorial along with a video tutorial that guides you through the entire tethered jailbreak process for iOS 5.1 on Windows.

This is a tethered jailbreak for non-A5 devices only, so it won’t work with the iPhone 4S, and iPad 2. If you have an eligible device like the iPhone 4, or iPad 1, then step right inside…

Step 1: Place your device into DFU mode.

Step 2: Download Sn0wBreeze 2.9.2 from our downloads page, and execute in Windows XP compatibility mode as an administrator.

Step 3: Click ok, next, and then click browse and select the iOS 5.1 firmware for your device. Ensure that Sn0wbreeze is able to verify the device, and then click next.

Step 4: Click Simple Mode from your list of options, and Sn0wBreeze will build a custom firmware file and place it on your desktop when completed.

Step 5: Once the firmware is built, click ok, and the place your device back into DFU mode and click start. This will place your device into PwnedDFU mode.

Step 6: Close Sn0wBreeze, open iTunes, and then hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click restore. Select the custom Sn0wBreeze firmware from your desktop, and let iTunes restore your device.

Step 7: Once restored, setup your device, and you should see the Cydia icon on page 2 of your Home screen. Place you device back into DFU mode.

Step 8: Locate the iBooty folder on your desktop that Sn0wBreeze creates, and execute iBooty. Select your device from the drop down menu in the bottom right-hand corner, and click start. This will perform a tethered boot so that you can use your device. Every time you reboot your device, you will need to put your device into DFU mode and perform a tethered boot using iBooty.

Step 9: Once your device is back at your Home screen, you can setup Cydia and start using your newly jailbroken device.

If you need more assistance and information regarding Sn0wBreeze, be sure to check out our dedicated Sn0wBreeze page for this excellent Windows-only jailbreak utility.

  • THIS IS FOR iPhone 4S?

    • Jex

      Looks like for for A4 devices..

    • Nope, pre-A5 devices only.

      • Guys i have issues in restoring process. iTunes get stuck at preparing iphone for restore. Custom firmware ios5.1 to ios5.0.1

      • If you are using A5 devices, 4s or ipad2, there is no way to downgrade from 5.1 to 5.0.1 even if you have saved SHSH blob.

  • Does iOS 5.1 fix the battery issue?

    • It seems to on my 4S
      Battery life is fantastic. Up to 23 hours now. At 40%

      • Rob

        That depends on the “usage time ” as opposed to “standby time ” . My jailbroken 4S running 5.0.1 can stay up to 50 + hours with only minimal basic usage( calls, messages etc..) and mostly standby.

      • Dear i dont understand my iphone 4 battery on standby till morning is 100% in morning and same my iphone 4s battery without any calls or msg on standby is 88% in morning 🙁 what could be the problem ?

      • @Habib
        Have you turned off all the location running setting ?
        If not got to settings ..location and turn it on scroll to the bottom and click on system services ,in there turn off all the toggles..
        Now go back and turn off location if you don’t need it..
        It’s these toggles in system services that can run down the battery , more so the clock one then any other..

  • Guys i have issues in restoring process. iTunes get stuck at preparing iphone for restore. Custom firmware ios5.1 to ios5.0.1

    • If I read this right you wannt to downgreade from 5.1 to 5.01 that is impossible except you got your shsh blogs saved without them ther is no way… Was this phone jail broken before?

      • yes! upgraded it because it was in respring loop. Now when i try to downgrade for custom firmware. itunes just show preparing iphone for restore

  • Andrew DeLorge

    I cant get my Iphone4 out of DFU mode. And when i try to restore it, a 1601 error code comes up and wont allow me to restore.


    • 1601 error comes uP if you are in the wron dfu mode… You missed the step after creating the custom ispw…. PwnedDFU should fix that…

    • i got this damn error for 2 hours. It’s because of USB 3.0 ports. If you trying to restore on usb 3.0 , plug usb 2.0 and you’ll see it work..

  • Why do people not read, before posting comment ?
    Is this because they are retarded
    Stop asking and read

  • M Sulistyanto Oetomo

    hi guys i’am using iphone 3gs jailbrake with snowbreeze but cant detect gsm network,
    how i can fix this? thanx

    • Did you use the right ispw file? Thats the only thing I would check before doing the jailbreak again perhaps it fixes it self…

    • Is your phone locked or unlocked?

    • Go to settings .. General … Reset … And press reset network setting..
      After that if that don’t work ..rebuild you ipsw.. Make sure you are use the correct ipsw to start with.. It should have the No. 2.1 at the start of it..

    • I dnt think ultrasn0w is compatible with 5.1
      datz y d no signal msg…

    • M Sulistyanto Oetomo

      oke guys thanx, i’ll try apply to my iPhone..
      i’ll buy this phone from singapore and now i live in brunei, before jailbreak 5.01 work fine.
      and after update to iOS 5.1 suddenly cant detect the network

  • Is the old Gevey Sim Ultra or Pro working on an IOS 5.1 with preserved iphone4 baseband (by sn0wbreeze)? Did somebody done or tried this already?

  • Wasn’t sure where to post this but ever since jailbreaking my iPhone 4s I haven’t been able to connect to any wifi in public places. I get an error message saying this page can’t open because an error occurred. Any help?

  • Will this preserve my iPad baseband 6.15.00?

  • Jason Forrest

    Hey, Great video.
    I hope you can help me please…
    I have an Iphone 3gs on 5.1, following the video exactly how you say (and instructions on sn0wbreeze 2.9.2) but when i put my phone in DFU & PwnedDFU mode the screen doesnt go blank, it say connect to itunes. Ive tried carrying on, but when i come to the stage of restoring the firmware with the new Sn0w firmware i get an error. Any ideas?
    Ive tried unplugging and replugging the phone in ad still nothing.

    Using an iphone 3gs 5.1, sn0w says im running new model.

    Hope someone can help!!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can I select the optoin restore from backup?

  • Someone answer please my iMessage ID: m4hbub@hotmail.com

  • It says mine Snowbreeze isnt compatible?

  • Will all my songs, apps, and contacts, still be on my iphone 4?

  • WIll all of my contacts, apps, music and other stuff still be on my iphone 4?

  • jailbreak unsuccessful, Cydia Icon is not working, click and nothing happens, Iphone 4, 5.1, official carrier unlocked. help?

  • network problem…no network