If you were particularly swift at getting your new iPad order in when the online Apple Store finally came back to life, then you may soon be receiving a shipping confirmation email in your inbox.

One AppleInsider reader has shared an email he received, which shows that his 16GB WiFi iPad (notice the 3rd Generation moniker, too?) is already winging its way to him via FedEx. Other similar reports are also being received, with UPS apparently also being used for iPad shipments by Apple.

Of course, items being shipped and items actually arriving are two very different things…

We have seen in the past that Apple has allowed devices to leave its warehouses only to be held at the courier’s own facilities in readiness for the big day, which is Friday March 16th this time around. While it is entirely possible that a lucky few will receive their new toys very important work tools a day or two early, we wouldn’t expect any to be arriving before Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest.

The news that iPad pre-ordered across the globe are already selling out also suggests that in-store ordered will be extremely constrained, at least during the first few weeks of release. Each iPad and iPhone release has seen huge lines in major cities in most countries, and with demand apparently high for the new iPad, we aren’t daft enough to suggest anything different will happen this time around.

If you haven’t already ordered, it looks like you may be in for a little wait.

Have you had a shipping confirmation email yet?

  • Lucky bastards…

  • Yup mine shipped too. Still no tracking info. Cannot wait! I sure hope they dont hold my new iPad at the the FEDEX facility!

  • Anonymous

    I’m more interested in whether ios 5.1 has fixed the battery problem of 4s once and for all

  • Mine shipped too. Wish I had tracking info though. Not registered in their system yet apparently.

    • I know mine either! says 24 hours from when it was shipped it should be available! Can’t wait to see that retina display in person!!!!!!

      • a smit

        all those exclamation points and over-excitement is sort of… creepy

  • So what’s FedEx doing with it for 7 days ?

    • Looking for the next jailbreak ?

      Fedsn0w ?

  • Anonymous

    Ordered today. what was interesting is that the delivery date was March 22nd for un-engraved and March 16th for one with engraving.

  • Anonymous

    Hanging on to it by STRICT Apple orders. Just like Movie and Video Games Releases…. Retailers receive them in boxes marked Do Not Display Until (insert date here). They may have even signed a contract with Apple and may be dinged ($$) for early and late deliveries.

  • Sina

    Wish I was Emily too; so Chris sends me an iPad on my B-day !!!!!

  • still no email for me 🙁 lol

    • Whats weird is I ordered 2 White iPads and 2 Black iPads and the 2 black ones shipped but the 2 white have not. Either way if it is true that FEDEX has to hold them until the 16th then it does not matter either way as long as I get my white one on the 16th. But I will not be upset if it were to arrive earlier 😀

  • Anonymous

    My cover shipped… Yippee..

  • March 9 .. Mine is shipped with a tracking number 🙂

  • Jay York

    Mine is en route. Just left Anchorage.

  • wendy chen

    I got the email of shipping confirmation a hour ago. But I hate FedEx service. Hope they not just drop it outside. Can’t wait…

  • Randy Garbin

    Got mine!