Following Apple’s announcement of an upgraded Apple TV today, Netflix has just announced it will be offering 1080p streaming to the new device. Apple announced the new Apple TV at its media event in California, along with the new iPad.

The new Apple TV is priced at $99 and features 1080p playback and a sleek new interface. Netflix, being one of the main reasons many buy an Apple TV, will be the perfect app for taking advantage of the Apple TV’s 1080p abilities…

Netflix announced on its blog today:

Starting today, you can sign-up for Netflix directly on your Apple TV and pay via your iTunes account. Plus, with the new third generation Apple TV, you’ll also be able to watch thousands of hours of great movies and television streaming on Netflix in 1080p high definition and with room-filling Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. 

Now, with a software update on your Apple TV, this seamless sign up and billing experience extends to the second generation Apple TV. The new sign up and payment experience on Apple TV is available wherever Netflix is, including in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Along with 1080p streaming, you will now also be able to signup and pay for a Netflix account using an iTunes account. This feature will be available on both the second and third generation Apple TVs.

Are you purchasing the new Apple TV?


  • my old apple tv 2 can be also 1080 if ill ghange it to 5.1 ?

    • doubt it

    • doubt it

    • Jeffrey Handy

      You could jailbreak it for 1080 support, but it’s a question of whether Netflix will accept the flag from the hack.

    • The hardware is willing, especially at the low quality 1080p of online streaming, but I doubt a jail broken AppleTv will support HDCP.

  • Still looks crappy, especially in fast motion, screen panning and dark scenes.
    I want it to look as good as Blu-ray and my Internet is 100mbps, but no content provider goes past 9mbps, most don’t pass 5mbps. Blu-ray uses about 40mbps from the disc.

    Worst part, non of my Macs support Blu-ray. No even a option.