Arguably the biggest change to iOS 5.1 when compared with its predecessors is the Lock screen camera functionality.

Instead of double pressing the Home button to reveal the camera icon on your Lock screen, the camera icon is a permanent fixture.

Revealing the actual camera also works quite differently than in times past. Check out our video walkthrough of the new iOS 5.1 Lock screen camera functions inside…

With iOS 5.1, instead of tapping the camera icon, you slide up on the icon to reveal the camera.

The Lock screen camera still respects passcode locks, so that you can only take shots and review shots that were taken while at the Lock screen.

What do you think about the new Lock screen camera functionality? Do you think it’s an improvement?

  • Looks slick!

  • eee. I like it. Very handy.

  • Works like a button.

  • i want it. and its a great idea because as far as i’m concerned, the double press of the home button is for the ipod controls on the lockscreen.

    i hope there is some news today about the jailbreak.^^

    and jeff any lag on your iphone 4 on the new ios 5.1? is it smooth as ever?^^

    • 富春丽

      Activator works as well.

    • 5.1 seems just as smooth, also there is already a tethered jb by @MuscleNerd if you’re interested (i4 and lower only).

  • Awesome!

  • they should have called t the camera slider.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you have no service?

  • Daniel

    Don’t like it. I hardly ever use the camera and would rather have it hidden.

  • R Skse

    Haha it seems like every video posted here, the iphone pictured is almost out of juice!

  • i dun like it coz u might accidentally slide it

    • It works the same way slide to unlock does and I’ve never accidentally slided (slid?) that.

      • Anonymous

        You were right with slid lol but I agree, accidentally sliding up, across, down, whatever lol is something i’ve personally never done.

  • This opens up options for developers to create more tweaks using this camera slider. Good adjustment from apple. It also allows me to take my camera out of my dock considering this is much faster than double tapping and pressing as well as unlocking and tapping the camera app. Unfortunately won’t get to try it until jailbreak is released but nonetheless it is a worthy upgrade.

  • Cloudi Windi

    Jeff Does iPhoto app work on iPhone 4S 5.0.1?

    • No. You can install it with some plist editing, but it crashes like crazy.

      • Cloudi Windi

        So if iPhone 4S is 5.1 that mean the iPhoto app will works like the upcoming iPad 3?

      • yes, but be warned that there is no jailbreak.

  • We can do this by with a jailbroken phone … so now where is the slide from the bottom to top of the screen to unlock the camera?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the handy review Jeff. The camera slider is a pretty convenient tool. Quicker than the old method.

  • I don’t like the fact that we need to slide the camera button up. I also don’t like that it’s permanently on the lock screen. I’m very disappointed in 5.1. They really need to do some serious updates like allowing the sorting of photos with the ability to make folders and deleting the photo from your main camera roll. Now if you try to delete from the camera roll and just keep the photo in the folder, you have to delete the photo from all locations. NOT GOOD. Also, the mail app is archaic. You can’t mark something as spam, you can’t add contacts to your email address books, etc. it would also be helpful to be able to choose different alerts for different mail accounts, just as we can do different ring tones for different contacts. And of course, they need to allow flash!

    • Adobe is discontinuing flash for mobile devices, I can’t believe people are still complaining about this. Flash is /dead/ get that in your head, HTML5 is the future.

  • Oh, and the biggest downfall of iOS? The inability to close all open apps at once. Double clicking the home button and closing every app one by one is freaking ridiculous. Apple is supposed to be about innovation and efficiency, making us spend 10 minutes closing everything is NOT efficient.

    • Why would you need to? You think if the iPhone ran faster when all of the running apps are closed Apple would put one in? Yes! The point of closing an app is to troubleshoot… iOS handles them automatically so there’s no need to, and that’s efficient enough. In closing, you don’t need to manage the multitasking switcher. Ever. Troubleshooting is the only reason. That’s why Apple didn’t implement a button to “kill all apps”.

    • Jex

      I dont know why you want ditch homescreen button?

    • “…making us spend 10 minutes closing everything is NOT efficient.”

      TEN MINUTES?! Oh, the horror! How could Apple force this hard labor upon its own customers? OK, first of all, it does NOT take 10 minutes to shut your apps down. Even if you have many apps running, it should only take maybe 20 seconds or less. And second, no one is MAKING you do anything. Just enjoy what you have and stop whining like a drama queen. There are far worse things in this world to worry about.

  • much better props to apple

  • SetMeStraight OrAmIRight

    been using the original camera button on lockscreen via Springmotize. If anything, I feel Apple likely stole this idea from the JB community…

  • And What are other new features of IOS 5.1?

  • Anonymous

    This feature is plain cheap imo. That’s the best Apple can come up with, a pathetic effort. Stickin’ w/ the jb on the iP4S for now definitely.

  • IOS 5.1 didnt fixed the sound problem on my 4s , hopeless 🙁

  • Anonymous

    One thing I did notice in this latest update is the fix for placing Newsstand into a folder no longer works. You now not only can’t hide it but you can’t even put it in a folder along with the other shit Apple forces upon the user .. Creating a folder and dragging the icon quickly now won’t work, you are unable to move or even highlight any other app whilst the folder is being created so until it’s jailbreakable that little arsehole of an app is staying right there on the springboard lol

  • Great thing!
    I have always used Springtomize 2 to see the camera button in the LockScreen,
    but now it’s works even better! just waiting a few more days to upgrade my iPod Touch to 5.1
    (to see more reviews and bugs and how the Jailbreak coming along)

  • Using this unlocks my phone though without putting in the passcode. If I go to the camera from the lock screen I can hit my home button and it takes me to the home screen without asking for my passcode. How do I fix this?

    • Anonymous

      does apple already have a fix for this

  • just waiting for a tweak like these

    • Anonymous

      if your are jailbroken install Supermusic. if you press the home button twice at the lock screen it has the ipod functions and has the camera button as well. works great

  • Anonymous

    The new lock screen camera does NOT respect passcode lock! After launching the camera from the lock screen, just push the home button to bypass the passcode lock..FAIL!

  • I love the new feature. 5.1 seems to have gotten a lot of kinks out. 2 thumbs way up!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been trying to figure this out since I updated to iOS 5.1 thank you so much

  • I think It’s annoing because the desing of the original lock screen is gone …

  • How on Earth do I get rid of this absolutely useless, ugly and counterproductive thing?