The patent battle between Apple and Samsung has seemingly taken a back seat to the iPhone-maker’s worldwide war with Motorola Mobility. Apple knows that with Google acquiring MMI, it can finally take its beef with Android straight to Mountain View.

Google has so far managed to stay out of the many different patent wars involving its mobile OS and manufacturing partners — but that won’t last for long. Reports are coming in today that Apple has just been granted access to Android’s development history…

Bloomberg reports:

“Google Inc. and a Motorola Mobility Hildings Inc. unit were ordered by the U.S. judge presiding over an Apple Inc. patent lawsuit to turn over information about the development of Google’s Android operating system. The Motorola Mobility unit and Google must also hand over to Apple information about Google’s pending $12.5 billion acquisition of the mobile-phone maker, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner in Chicago ruled yesterday…

…”The Android/Motorola acquisition discovery ishighly relevent to Apple’s claims and defenses,” Apple’s attorneys’ said in a March 2 filing requesting the judge’s order.”

This is big news for the folks in Cupertino. Apple has been in and out of court rooms over the past two years and has spent more than $100 million dollars in litigation trying to prove that Android is a stolen product. And now, it finally has the chance to see for itself.

With Google now in control of a majority of MMI’s assets, including its patents, we expect things to get much worse between the handset-maker and Apple, before they get any better.


  • emal bazger


  • Anonymous

    This is an AWESOME CAN OF WORMS!!!!!

    Prepare to be “entertained” for years over this battle!!!

    I just still don’t understand why Apple never purchased Moto in the first place – they certainly had the cash to do it. Then it would have been “problem solved”!!! Maybe someone smarter on the subject than I am can explain why?

  • jose castro

    lol, ahhhh shit, apple is gettin that @ss. definitely funny, apple is finding ways for every one to go down so they can be supreme.

  • Anonymous

    some where steve is smiling and saying…only took 100 mil? damn tim cook is good.

    • Sina

      Or Tim Cook saying What a great company Steve has build !

  • Hatyrei

    Apple just wants world domination….. its kinda fishy they always favor apple over this unending suing spree….Hmmm maybe they have connections to pull some strings ….and win every patent allegations. Apple is not the only fruit :). Apple is the root of all evil based on Adam & Eve story. Lol I’ guess. :p

  • So this case is about android being a ripoff of iOS? I dont see it tho. Is osx a ripoff of windows? I mean they both got icons…