Many Android device manufacturers have opted to include near field communication (NFC) technology inside of their devices. NFC allows customers to transmit data between two devices. The biggest use for NFC is for mobile payments – which Google has been actively pursuing with its Google Wallet technology.

Apple has been granted a new patent for the ‘iWallet’ from the United States Trademark & Patent Office, as outlined by Patently Apple. The new patent allows for Apple to include NFC technology into the iPhone for mobile payments…

The technology would allow credit card companies to charge money to users’ iTunes accounts. This would rule out the need for cash or plastic credit cards while shopping. Users will be able to swipe their iPhones against sensors placed out by credit card companies, to make payments easier.

NFC payment hasn’t exactly become mainstream as of yet and many are looking to Apple to bring it into more hands. Currently, Google Wallet is only available on two devices.

The iPhone including NFC technology has been in the rumor mill for quite a while. Apple has been awarded many patents around it, but today’s seems to be the most robust.

Apple has already begun making its move to mobile payments inside its retail stores. Customers are able to skip the cash register by paying for smaller products with the Apple Store app. Purchases are charged directly to users’ iTunes accounts and actually works very well.

Personally, I would love for NFC to be rolled out onto the iPhone. Perhaps we will see it on the iPhone 5.

What do you think of making payments with your iPhone?


  • Anonymous

    That would be absolutely incredible.

  • Typo in title: Patent not Pantent (not trolling just helping 😉

  • Anonymous

    Now people could rob us by just walking near them… I hope they bring high security like having to type your password before making a purchase

    • thanks Phil

    • I think the security would be as easily implemented as not having the app opened.

  • i wouldn’t use it. not all businesses will take a phone payment so i’ll still have to carry my credit card around. and my driver’s license. and all the other stuff i carry in my wallet. this hasn’t done away with the physical need to carry a wallet, what difference does one card make?
    then there’s cyber security, a whole nuther animal…

  • Sitting in a Taxicab and get directions how to drive from your friend over the phone.
    When suddenly your phone is out of power, you is in middle of nowhere and have to say to the cabdriver. Hey I cant pay for the journey, my phone just died on me hope it’s ok.

    • All cabs are suddenly equipped with universal phone chargers xD

  • I would totallt use it if i have to type a password to confirm the purchase. Pretty sure they will add a security feature like that.

  • Does this mean we could pay for stuff on Cydia using iTunes money?

    • I still wish Cydia had some sort of wallet feature (correct me if there is one) but it is damn irritating having dozens of transactions on my credit card bill, I would rather have a lump sum payment that I can deduct from, similar to the way PSN and Xbox Live operate.

  • This scares me, since iPhones are the most STOLEN phones out there, so what makes me want to use my phone as my credit card so if someone on the subway steals JUST my phone they also JUST stole my wallet?