Tweaks like these are the reason why I love jailbreaking so much. Jailbreaking allows you to add obvious features to the iPhone that Apple may have looked over, or purposely omitted.

Plugication is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. It’s a jailbreak tweak that forces your music to resume when you plug your headphones back into your device.

Check out our full video demonstration of Plugication inside…

The wonderful thing about Plugication is that it not only works with the stock Music app, but 3rd party apps like Spotify as well.

Plugication is still unreleased, but rest assured we’ll be back with additional details once it hits Cydia.

What do you think?

  • awesome.

  • great

  • you dont have to be in the music app do you? say you were listening to music.. then like me you got a phone call so you pause it and take out the headphones to talk on the phone.. will the music start again once i put my headphones back in .. say from the lockscreen?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s brilliant! Love your coverage Jeff!

  • These are the kind of tweaks that are the most helpful but i always forget them when people ask what good stuff you can do with jailbreaking!!

    It just seems so natural that i completely forget! can’t wait for this!

  • RB McKinney

    Does this work when the app is in the background? THAT is what I need.

  • iamse7en

    This is a fabulous idea… Can’t wait.

  • sounds gdd

  • Cloudi Windi

    Jeff through that earphone away like “oh the review video end ah… relax.”

  • nice tweak…..IDB always have good coverage…quality videos!

  • nice tweak….IDB always have quality videos!

  • What if I unplugg the headphones, and tomorrow, When I plugg it back, will it continue to play directly at lockscreen were I left it if the music app is still in the background?

  • STOP showing us tweaks that have not arrived yet! What a tease -___-

  • Thanks for reviewing Jeff 😉

    And to those asking if it works outside the app, yes it does. It has the same effect as pushing play in the app switcher.


  • Great! Love that… But Jeff what about when you have the music app killed in the background? does it open up an play?

  • An useeful simple tweak or just a “missing” iOS feature!

  • I think you should stop reviewing unreleased tweaks. Its bull. If you agree hit like

  • now how bout bluetooth headset off/on bluetooth will it resume it would be good additional

    • Anonymous

      I WOULD LOVE THIS ! Let’s tweet it to push the urgency of development! ESPECIALLY FOR MY CAR!