Apple’s App Store has just hit an astonishing 25 billion downloads since its creation 3 years ago. The winner, which has yet to been announced, has won a $10,000 gift card courtesy of Apple.

Apple put up the tracker a few weeks ago on its website, and it didn’t take long for Apple to reach the number they were anticipating…

January 2010, Apple held a similar giveaway for its 10 billionth app download. A UK woman won the $10,000 gift card while downloading a free game called Paper Glider.

Apple’s customers are downloading apps at a ferocious rate. 15 billion apps have been downloaded since January 2011, which is a very impressive rate. With the iPad 3 launching this month and the rumored iPhone 5 launching later this year, Apple just may cross the 50 billion app downloads mark this year — or shortly after.

We can’t wait to hear who was lucky enough to snag the $10,000 gift card.

  • I downloaded just about 1000 apps in less than an 30 minutes.

  • My AppStore app is still at 24,997,……….

    • So with Apple’s tracker, it gets behind if you don’t refresh it. Disappointing I know..

    • So is mine. If you go on the website though, you will see its over. Luckily I was on the website the whole time 🙂

      • I think AT&T was throttling my Internet speed lol

  • I screen recorded the countdown from about 24,997——- on.. only got to 24,999,999,864

    • guyz i got pop up on my pc screen sayin, congratulations, wowwwwwwwwwww can’t believe it………………………..hahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha

      • Pc users dont qualify ! Lol jk. P.s
        Get a Mac . Best machine ever

      • Anonymous

        Is it fuck.

      • Sina

        Wasn’t it : Congratulations, You’re now hypnotismed … (Watching the counter since weeks ago !) ???

  • damn i missed it

  • I was on apple website a couple of days ago and my Internet got disconnected but the counter was still going :/

  • iSwag haha

  • I followed the counter more then a week, but the 25 billion was late here (Netherlands), I already was sleeping.