AnyVoice — the jailbreak tweak that allows you to fit Siri with nearly 40 different accents from around the world — is now available for download in Cydia.

If you haven’t seen our preview of AnyVoice, be sure to check out our preview post located here.

AnyVoice is available for a free from Cydia’s ModMyi repo. You will need a jailbroken iOS 5 install with Siri (either legit iPhone 4S Siri or Spire) to take advantage of AnyVoice.

  • No Scottish accent? Not impressed.

    • Dan

      it’s free

      • Thanks for the observation, I can’t read.

      • Being from Scotland I m not surprised… 😉

      • Dan

        You’re welcome!

  • Anonymous

    The accents do not sound real at all. I personally think they are all very similar.

  • I must admit initially I was excited for this but all the accents just seem to make it sounds even more robotic? Anyhow, just my opinion. Still major thanks to the dev for taking the time to create this!

  • Turkish is not the real voice its wrong

    • its only accent not language. i bought it but not impressed. pıff salla kardeş.

  • Anonymous

    Useless yet useful to some.

  • dagobertba

    Hungarian is OK, but can’t use it with English Siri.

  • Gutted that there’s no scottish siri 🙁

  • Brazilian boice is wrong.. And i liked the united kingdom one

  • iamse7en

    Lol….Kudos to Jeff for really recording every single one… Warrior!