CutYourSim, the unofficial official service that offers permanent factory unlocks for a variety of devices, has started proposing factory unlocks for the iPhone 4S and other models.

The company gained in popularity last year when it was one of the first to offer that type of service, until Apple cracked down on them and similar services that had been flourishing all over the net, forcing them to stop their activity.

But it looks like CutYourSim figured out how to get around those restrictions, as the company announced this morning that it is now taking orders for official and permanent unlock solutions for iPhones…

We are very happy to announce that we just started a new service to unlock all iPhones from AT&T USA including the latest 4S.

This service is 100% tested by us and working but since we have only been able to test it for a short period of time we will still call it a beta service.

Price for this service will be 199.99USD. Turnaround will be set to 1-20 days due to the high demand of this service.

So far, the iPhone unlock service appears to be available for AT&T iPhones only, but it’s probably a matter of time until CutYourSim offers unlocks for other carriers as well.

Wondering how a permanent iPhone unlock works? Simply explained, your IMEI is added to a database of iPhones that are “whitelisted” by Apple as officially unlocked. Once your iPhone IMEI has been added, just restore your iPhone in iTunes, and during the activation process, your iPhone will talk to Apple who will verify that it is officially unlocked.

This means that CutYourSim probably has an insider at AT&T (or an AT&T affiliate) who can add IMEIs to Apple’s database of officially unlocked iPhones.

Selling for $200, CutYourSim’s unlock offers a better deal that Apple’s own officially unlocked iPhones, who retail for $450 more than iPhones on contract. And seeing how we don’t seem to go anywhere with a software unlock such as UltraSn0w these days, this might be your best bet if you really need an unlock.

A couple hardware unlocks have also been surfacing these last couple weeks. Gevey Ultra S and R-SIM are two that come to mind, although there are probably more. Obviously, an official unlock as offered by CutYourSim is the most desirable one as it is permanent, stable, and doesn’t require any tooling around.

While I never tried CutYourSim myself, I’ve heard many positive reports about them. If you’re looking for a reliable and permanent unlock, give CutYourSim a try before Apple gets on their case again.

  • sn0wbaLL

    i used this last time on my iphone 4, its still factory unlocked with no problems. However i decided to simply buy a factory unlocked iphone 4S this time around

    • Account has been suspended for being so pocket slaving(I’m jking lol) seen that they probally have free acess to imei list, the only cost they have may be the website and employees, 200U$ of difference is probally not that big deal, I prefer gevey ultra or any other more cheaper sim.

    • Yea, me too. I might also switch carriers from T-Mobile, so it’ll definitely help me out there! Plus, I don’t need to get the expensive iPhone plans or contracts! 😀

  • $199.99 is taking the piss.

  • Anonymous

    199.99USD to unlock it???? Buy a factory unlocked iPhone, it is indeed 100% sure that will be always unlocked…


  • It’s takes $200 for apple to unlock it.. Lol apple getting a cut I’m sure of it.. I’ve asked apple and told me it’ll cost 150-200$

  • That’s way over priced… There just robbing you..

    • I agree its overpriced but what other options are there besides GEVEY?

      • Ring the carrier yourself and see what they will charge…
        In the UK the price is from nothing to £20..

  • Jim Ta

    it’s getting suspended now!!!!!!!!

  • site is LOCKED! lamo

  • Their Twitter feed states that they are moving to a new host to handle the influx of extra traffic.

  • its their ISP screwed them, here is the tweet from cutyoursim ” @CutYourSim
    Again, we are moving our site to a new host, since the old host could not handle the traffic and suspended the site. Stay tuned.”

    This morning I tried to spend money and paypald did not process the payment, cameback after half an hour to find the site is down :O

  • Hi Sebastien, you are in that kind of people (jailbreak community) for a long time, maybe you heard something or have any rumors if someone from Dev Team or other hackers at least trying make software unlock for newest bassebands or iPhone models? last year it was some rumor about iPhone 4/4S unlock but in past 6 months is so quiet and main thing is only jailbreaks (which I still happy about that). Please feed us with some hope 😀

    • No news on that front, unfortunately.

  • Kok Hean
  • hi i chat withe apple they siad they cant unlock my old iphone they told me to sell my ios and buy unlock .us

  • There is any way to discovery what is the carrier of my iphone? I buy it on ebay and unlock it with gevey.. But i dont know which one

  • “And seeing how we don’t seem to go anywhere with a software unlock such as UltraSn0w these days” Thanks you! At least someone other then my remembers! Now If only we could get a word on the status of new software unlocks, such as “on its way” “stalled” or “abandoned”.

  • Hatyrei

    u’MMM ,. hOw about the Verizon iPhone 4S? is there any remote unlocked? as of now? :)., thanks

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  • i will just unlock at&t iphone 2g/3g/3gs/4g/4gs in 48 hr for just 4000rs ////73usd if u want just contact hari from india mobile +919095746710 email

  • thebladepowers

    iPhone unlock service (at&t) less 12HR

  • Harry Long

    Well, that describes it. That thing looks like a POS (and I’m assuming you had cheap older android devices as well) if you had been to update to any good newer android I guess you would like it much more. Ever since the S4/G2 instances, Android has stepped up their game. iPhone has been the opposite.