Watch out, the last 5 seconds are not safe for work.

  • Anonymous

    Sucks to be this guy

  • Fake? Surely…

    • Anonymous

      No this this real it aired on American Idol. It was originally going to air on the Superbowl, but the NFL ruled it just a little to edgy.

  • Michael Mcgriff


  • Anonymous

    Not to creative, that’s my 2 cents…..

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i like this one A LOT better!!

  • It’s Siri’s time of the month, that’s why she’s all bitchy…

  • Marlene K.


  • I don’t remember the commercial being like this. The one I saw was completely different, and at the end He asked Siri to call him rock god and she did. I would have ban this version as well!

    • Obviously this is a parody.


  • Come on folks. Of course it’s fake and not banned. It’s just a joke but it’s funny and much better than the “original” version.

  • Lol

  • Hahaha, it was really funny at the end xD

  • Hahah lmfao!!!! Funny 🙂

  • hey guys if you dont wanna have this problem with siri its an easy fix open ifile find the assistant file open that file scroll till you find the file called PMS and go a head and delete there you go siri is no longer a bitch LULZ

  • Lol, I like the last shot.