The Deck teaser video with a simulator preview was nice, but nothing does it justice like a little hands-on action.

A few minutes ago I was able to go one-on-one with the upcoming Deck jailbreak tweak from SBCoders.

Is it as smooth as the initial preview video? You betcha.

Deck allows you to invoke a “hotbar” from the Home screen, which allows you to access a plethora of system functions, apps, and shortcuts.

The tweak is still in beta, but as you can tell from the video, it’s running really smooth right now.

We’ll let you know as soon as it drops on Cydia, but in the meantime tell us what you think about it. Does Deck have a place reserved in your iPhone workflow?

  • Jeff listens to Alicia Keys. 😉

    • Siv

      He was listening to Alicia Keys not Nicki Minaj…cut him some slack.

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool. Does it always open to your custom actions and you push the back arrow to go to the stock options?

    • It can be configured from the as shown in the video on 1:58 ;D

  • And what happens if you invoke the tweak within an app?

    • I talked to the dev on youtube, and he said that it was “designed to run in springboard” IDK if this means it will be buggy if opened in an app, or it won’t work at all…

  • Cool vid, but the the ” Deck ” tweak is useless. It completely takes away the functionality and simpleness of the iOS. Just my opinion but it’s looks like there too much finger & thumb wrestling going on with this tweak.

  • It reminds me to an old tweak called Dock. You guys should check out Dock if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • I see what you did there.

      • What do you mean?

      • If you know what i mean

      • Joel Thomas

        lol, no Jeff he isn’t satirically referring to the iOS native app switcher, he’s actually talking about a tweak simply dubbed “Dock” that is actually on Cydia on the BigBoss repo. And I agree with hack_nug, it has a few similarities in it’s invoking style and fav app launching features but “Deck” has system function toggles and which is really what sets it apart for me. Also Deck UI seems more iOS-esque whereas Dock aims for a more Mac OS X feel (which can be both good and bad depending on the user’s preference, me personally I’m leaning towards Deck’s native UI feel:)

  • jose castro

    will it work with zepher?

    • if you don’t set your activator action for deck to be pull up from bottom, then yes.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff, can this be setup from Activator to work from the Lockscreen?

    if not, i have no interest.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks pretty cool, hasn’t a tweak ever been made to autohide the dock in much the same way it does on Windows??

    • Try androidloader 2 😉 there is this option availbe and then disable the mobile substrate ‘androidloader’ so u only have the option autohide dock on and there u go u got what u want :p
      Some effort but sure worth it 😉

      • Anonymous

        only the name makes me want to puke

      • Haha but it’s actually one of the best tweaks in cydia. I can’t understand how apple didn’t put something like this in ios.. so handy!

      • Haha but it’s actually one of the best tweaks in cydia. I can’t understand how apple didn’t put something like this in ios.. so handy!

  • A

    I like it. I plan on getting it once it is out. Nice layout, good features – and I like that I can set so many activator shortcuts to fit my needs.

  • It’s just a prettier activator menu. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just doesn’t compell me to buy it.

  • uh oh here comes the boner again -__-

  • Fu*kin awesome!!

    Great idea.

  • jeff how do you get all the “betas” from all the tweak developers ? is there any way I could get them too?

    • By writing for a well known Apple news blog and doing damn good reviews on stuff, unless you do any of these two things then no you probably can’t get them early.

  • To all the iDB readers.. How would you compare this to Dock? Which one’s better?

    • I haven’t had alot of experience with dock, but from what I’ve seen, (and this is only of deck doesn’t work in an app) dock is better, simply because it works anywhere

  • Dan

    this might replace super switcher for me, I’ll look forward to trying it out

  • Anonymous

    Not only this app looks amazingly stylish and beautiful, but have a very native-like activation. I can see Apple copying this. The only aspect to improve (from my view) would be that, I already have most of those shortcuts available with other tweaks(Ex: I haven’t ever unlocked my phone to text since BiteSMS). So all those free space should be occupied with at least 1 or 2 more rows (or the option for) in display. And making that app available from the lockscreen would be a great selling point feature.

  • stevetags

    I dont think it should close automatically. lets say you open something out of Deck, but then close it, it then closes Deck. I think if you close the app you chose, Deck should re-open, so you dont have to hit your activator action again. Also, maybe just blur the apps to the left out, when launching Deck. Anyway, I would like to see how it will operate. If it doesnt work in app, then I dont think I would pay anything for it. Just my 2 cents. Looks cool though, great potential.

  • Cool stuff 🙂

  • Anonymous

    why do i need this…?? seems like its s a redundant UI console

  • kinda redundant….you can always out all the apps frequently accessed, in one folder, or on homescreen… still waiting for a profile app on iOS 5 that auto switches profile or turn on certain tasks by itself at specified timing… silent phone from 11pm to 5am, turn on bluetooth from 6pm onwards to connect to gps device in car….etc etc…..

  • Anonymous

    Sweet find, Jeff! Make sure to write up a new post when it is available so we know exactly when we can pick it up!

    …also, thanks for always doing a great job with iDB. It’s awesome!

  • BenTen

    This looks good. I could really see myself using it. 🙂

  • Sorry, as much as I like the look of this tweak, it is unnecessary for me:

    I keep all my 3rd party apps organized in folders on the second page of my home screen, with stock apps on the front page. So this won’t really speed things up much for me, for instance with deck I would swipe up the top to open deck and tap the camera icon, but without deck I would just tap the camera icon on my home screen?

    But it looks like an awesome tweak, it’s a shame I don’t need it as I want to use it!

  • Is this only compatible with the iPhone?