With the iPad 3 rumored to be announced in the first week of March, 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman has provided a few more tidbits about the iPad 3’s launch this evening. 9to5mac has obtained a leaked shipping document indicating that the iPad 3 has already begun shipping from China and is making its way to US airports. The document says that deliveries are set to take place March 9th.

Next, there’s word that Apple could be taking pre-orders for the iPad 3. You may recall that the iPad 2 wasn’t available for pre-order, while the original iPad was…

9to5mac says that iPad 3 pre-orders could begin as early as March 7th, or possibly a few days later. A couple weeks ago, we reported that the iPad 3 will be announced March 7th.

The iPad 3 is rumored to have a Retina display, quad-core processor, upgraded cameras, LTE, and Siri support. Apple’s new tablet is also rumored to ship with iOS 5.1.

Additionally, 9to5mac reports that Apple may launch a second product in March — which is most likely to be the upgraded Apple TV we’ve been hearing about over the past few months. Most likely shipping at $99, it’s rumored to have 1080p and Bluetooth 4 support.

Lastly, the report indicates that Apple may keep around the iPad 2 at a lower price point. Apple will discontinue all of the iPad 2’s, except the black and white 16GB units, to sell them for cheaper than the iPad 3.

With these rumors dropping in, an early March launch seems like a definite reality. It’s just a matter of what date exactly, we’re waiting on. Apple should be sending out invites to their press event in the coming days.

Are you excited for the iPad 3?


  • I am so freaking excited for it cuz it’ll my first iPad 😀
    I wanna get the 32GB one but it’ll cost around $650 with tax :/ ugh

    • +1. Super excited for 1st iPad.

    • Anonymous

      I would recommend getting the 16GB wifi+3G. I think having a data plan available (if needed) is more important than double the storage. Especially since everything is moving toward cloud services, and you never know when you’re out somewhere and wished you had a data connection. Just my two cents.

      • Kok Hean

        3G version = baseband models = jailbreak issues 😀

      • baseband has nothing to do with jailbreak but only with sim unlock

      • Most people have an iPhone though so they can tether to the iPad so a 3G model isn’t necessarily needed.

      • Anonymous

        “Most people have an iPhone…”

        Where did you get this nonsense from?

      • why would I want 3G model when I can tether from my iPhone 4S.
        Why pay more for the iPad and then for another data plan.?

      • Anonymous

        Just for reassurance. Maybe you’ll get caught with a dead battery on your phone and wish you had 3G (plus won’t use your limited data on your cell). Who knows? Personally I’m getting the 64GB (128GBmaybe?) With 3G or 4G, whatever it ends up being.

        Besides, like I said, future is the clouds.

      • I can get the tethering service from AT&T in my iPhone, I think that would be better than getting the 3G one (or may be LTE lol)

      • Anonymous

        You read iDB and don’t jailbreak?! For shame. :p

        Reallt though, Jailbreak and get mywi or PDANet for tethering. Don’t give AT&T anymore cash than you have to.

  • This is gonna be my upgrade from iPad 1! Gonna go wait on the day it comes out in front of my Apple Store… Would never have something this expensive shipped. (Excluding my mac)

  • Excited, anxious and much more, it’ll be my second iPad after iPad 2, unfortunately I’m living in Egypt which mean I either have to wait three to four months or I try to find someone who’s coming from USA to Egypt by the end of March or in April…. None of you think to visit Cairo during this time ?!! 🙂

    • Lol im from egypt too 🙁
      But my birthday is in may 😀 so maybe ill get a nice new ipad 3 then :p

  • Jason Kit

    This could me my 1st iPad too. I’m wondering whether there are much upgrade compare to ipad2. Is worth to buy iPad 3 instead of 2.

  • I’ll pre-order mine online then pick it up 20 minutes later from my nearest Apple store for sure.

  • I’ve bought my iPad2 after absinthe jailbreak was released and I will buy iPad3 when it will be jailbroken.

  • I’m so excited for the iPad 3 also I just sold my iPad 2 16gb wifi for 460 dollars. Definitely an iPad 3 buy.

  • I want bluetooht 4.0 for ipad 3