Since the passing of the late Steve Jobs, we’ve seen many tributes relating to the man behind Apple. Cult Of Mac have come across an extraordinary rendition of such a tribute.

It’s a fascinating look into Job’s life in none less than a Facebook timeline, documenting his life since the day he was born. As Killian Bell points out, the people behind this tribute must have put a heck of a lot of work into this.

The timeline features literally hundreds of photographs and videos that feature Steve throughout his life, from the Electronics Club at Homestead High School back in 1969, to the day he stepped down from the role of CEO at Apple, and everything in between. It’s just like a wonderfully interactive biography that you can immerse yourself in for hours.

I’ve just taken a look and there is a huge amount of information to divulge but it certainly is an interesting look into his life. I could sit and watch those videos all night long.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page if you’re a fan of the great Steve Jobs.

Update: and the Facebook page is down again.

  • It’s been removed

  • There is no such page they say

  • The page you requested was not found .. !

  • page not found?

  • Anonymous

    the page has been removed. thats too bad if it gets permanently removed because im sure a lot of people put a lot of work in to making that page.

  • Anonymous

    Great. I’ve missed it….

  • apple are dicks at times (if it is them behind the takedown)

  • Missed :'(

  • Anonymous

    its working for me

  • bob bobson

    Its back ^.^

  • *you’re

  • Howard Ellacott

    It all works and it’s wonderful 😀

  • Says “Page removed” still…

  • Anyone have a mirror or cache of some sort?

  • What crazy dickhead register a false Facebook account of a dead person.
    Hope he gets a severe punishment.

  • Sadly I fear Apple will probably get huffy about it. I LOVE Apple… but me thinks they sometimes go too far in protecting Steve’s image. I’m surprised they never sued the guy who made that iconic black and white Steve apple bite logo (which is proudly my lock screen wallpaper).