Remember that awesome iOS ’86 theme concept we showed you last week? The one that looked like it came straight off an old Mac Plus computer? Well it’s now available in Cydia for your downloading pleasure.

Conceptualized by designer Anton Repponen, and created by an author named AR7, iOS ’86 gives your new school device, an old school feel. And here’s how you can install it on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch…

The theme isn’t available in the default repos, and doesn’t come with its own wallpaper. So we’ve put together this quick tutorial to make sure your iOS device is looking right.

Step 1. Open Cydia, and add to your list of sources (you’ll notice that Cydia warns you that the repo has been reported for redistributing copyrighted works. iDB doesn’t normally recommend installing these kinds of repos, but this was the only place we could find the theme).

Step 2. Once the repo is installed, do a search in Cydia for ‘iOS 86’ and install it.

Step 3. Now you’ll need to activate the theme in Winterboard (If you don’t have it, you’ll need to install it), and re-spring your device.

Step 4. And finally, it’s not mandatory, but we recommend you download and apply this white wallpaper to complete the look.

That’s all there is to it! It’s worth noting that the theme isn’t very extensive. It doesn’t seem to support many (if any) icons outside of the native set, and it doesn’t change the look of any other UI elements.

But we have to admit, it still looks good. Here’s hoping that its creator plans to add new icons and other elements in the future.

What do you think of iOS ’86?


  • Lol, not sure why anyone would want this.

    • It’s a nostalgia thing. Makes you feel all warm inside about where Apple was at this time. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

  • will try it on my itouch4 before trying on my phone

    • The newsstand icon is cached, so you need to open winterboard and turn something on or off so you get the respring button.


    • Limited icons? I think I’ll pass as well. A theme like that only looks nice when everything looks like it suppose to.

  • It’s a cool concept but I think they shoulda left it at that…

    • No Whammy

      Why? If you don’t like it, don’t install it. Are you Asperger’s?

  • WinterBoard..? I think I’ll pass.

    WinterBoard slows down my iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    winterboard killed it for me, i do like this though (:

  • Anonymous

    Way to limited for me to even try, n to make it worst you have to go thru hella loop holes to get a beta theme…..I’m not a dev so I’m not going to knock dude for trying but come on now were in 2012 had this been released back in 09 I could understand for the half finished theme…..step your game up my dude I’ll pay for it if you release the whole thing

  • winterboard…urghhh….:/

  • Ew. Winterboard.

  • cool 😀 just to use for a few days 😀

    But I changed wallpaper, instead of white I put it black and changed icon labels to white. reminds me kind of super mario in game boy 😀

  • Elite pro hd best !!!

  • Requires winterboard, sorry, no thanks.

  • whats so good about this theme?

    • Let me guess? Your like 16 below yrs old? The JB generation.. peace!

      • Anonymous

        What an ignorant fuck you are, what does his age have to do with anything, this theme is shit and looks awful, simples … If you like it then fine, it might surprise you to learn that not everybody shares the same views !!

      • are a stupid head, and anyone who doesn’t agree with his opinions is a stupid head too!!!!

        and this is how troll wars and flaming begin. how about we all fucking stop worrying about shitting on others people’s opinion, and just understand the fact that they are just that…and opinion. not fact.

      • a smit

        childish, lame comment

  • Nicolas Arteaga

    Chicago font would be nice, also

  • What’s wrong with using winterboard?

    • people that dont use winterboard, how do you theme your phone?

      • You can’t this is a Winterboard theme

      • Anonymous

        Yes you can, i’ve themed my phone many times without winterboard, it’s just a lot more work replacing the multiple icons from each app and replacing aspects of the UI.

  • Worked, Looks awesome! I hope the 3rd Party apps icon get covered soon

  • Greg R

    No no no no no. At risk hd

  • it didnt worked for me

  • Dan

    nice concept, but I’d never use this theme, I like smooth crisp colors

  • First person to come up with a Winterboard alternative will be up in the top of Jailbreak city.


  • Anonymous

    i don understand whats so best in ios’ 86 its jus another classic theme

  • Ahm, i don’t want it because it’s a little old? black and white…hmm not for me

  • if anyone wants 3gs version mention me at twitter

  • Anonymous

    So many pessimists here, lame.

  • Kareemo Trabelsi

    looks like the good old os 9 – gonna give it a try 🙂