Skype is one of the best tools to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. It allows you to easily send messages and call people for free. Skype’s iOS app also makes it even easier to communicate on the go.

Today, the Skype crew has released a welcomed update for their iOS app, that includes a new interface and a slew of bug fixes, in version 3.7:

Updated chat and dialpad views
Various bug fixes
Stability improvements for iOS 5

Included in the update are new chat windows, which are much more appealing than the older versions. But, perhaps what we welcome most is the bug and stability fixes the Skype crew has rolled out. Upon first launching the app, it feels much more fluid.

Verison 3.7 also brings stability improvements for iOS 5.

You can download Skype for free, for both the iPhone and iPad, on the iTunes App Store.

[The Verge]

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  • Anonymous

    Can we use this on jailbroken device cause previous version was not working

    • I used the previous version and I can use this one too.

      • Anonymous

        Ok thanks

      • It says that, just hit ok and it works. If not, quit it and then relaunch. Worked for me.

      • It still works, it just says that 😛

    • if it didn’t work with u , download xCon from cydia 😉

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much now it is working 🙂

  • Who hates Skype like my comment. Seriously, I deleted it year ago. Hated that stuff.

    • I don’t hate it but I do think there are more viable options available. That being said I’ve yet to try this update. At the moment I am enjoying the walkie talkie app Voxer.

  • Anonymous

    It is still a garbage with shitty connectivity (that disconnects you whenever you close(x) the app or when it gets automatically closed by iOS when many apps are running).

    • this only happens if you have a jailbroken idevice. this is part of the jailbreak detection implemented in the app. it makes the connection slow and disables native multitasking. install xCon from Cydia

      • What is the actual purpose of detecting any Jailbroken iDevices with Skype? I get that with my iPhone, but don’t see anything different.

  • They need to make it similar to FaceTime where you can leave the video call on pause in the background incase you need to send a txt, email, whatever

  • Cant get skype notification option to appear in setting … Jailbroken 4s …. Btw heytell on appstore is what i think is the best for internet comunication

  • Does this update adds offline messaging?


    This is even crappier than Twitter’s “update”… Only introduces stupid “BING” bar to skype. Others are just cosmetic and the app doesn’t work better than before.


  • Does anyone have the problem of Skype disconnecting when you have an incoming call

    • Yes, it happened to me, just reboot your Iphone and will fix the issue