With Apple expected to unveil the iPad 3 on March 7th next month, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with your current tablet. As you may know, if you plan on purchasing the new iPad, you can sell your old one to help cover the cost.

For those of you that are planning on selling your current tablet, you’re going to want to put it up for sale as quick as possible. Because according to Gazelle, a popular electronics re-seller, iPad prices are at their peak right now…

Gazelle is reporting that rumors of a March-bound iPad 3, accompanied by a possible iPad 2 price drop, have made the current versions of Apple’s tablet popular trade-in items. AT&T 3G models are particularly popular because they can be used on GSM carriers worldwide.

Interestingly enough, Gazelle has also noticed a 50% increase in Android tablet trade-ins, and — get this — a 25% increase in Amazon Kindle Fire trade-ins over the last month as well.

The moral of the story is that now is the best time for you to sell your iPad. Gazelle is currently paying out $260 for 16GB iPad 2 Wi-Fi models, and $320 for 3G versions. And if you think that’s low, just wait until your tablet is another generation old.

Of course, you can get more money out of your iPad if you don’t mind selling it yourself. On eBay, for example, used iPads are bringing in at least $100 more per model than Gazelle is offering. But you can expect these prices to fall substantially by next month as well.

Do you plan on selling your current tablet to get the iPad 3?


  • Dan

    I’m keeping my iPad 2. It’s finally jail-broken and I’m perfectly happy with it’s screen resolution. Couldn’t care less about the camera.

    • My plan is to sell my iPhone and upgrade every year (cause people pay a lot more for off contract iPhones than it costs to upgrade,) and just upgrade my iPad every other year.

      Th iPad 2 is going to stay relevant until the iPad 4 comes out, especially if the iPad 3 has the same form factor. Not to mention it’s current most important feature- Cydia

  • Anonymous

    Nope! Never! I’ll wait for iPad 4 🙂 since I just jailbreaked my iPad 2 and I doubt that the next version will be jailbreaked anytime soon… XBMC is what I jailbreak my iPad 2 for 😉

    • lol 5.1 is already been exploited, chill man lol

      • Doesn’t mean the new iPad processor will be jailbroken anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    It’s certainly tempting to help cover the costs, but then again I have my iPad2 running the best it ever has ever been right now, jailbroken on iOS 5.01. Given we’ll likely be waiting a long time for an untethered iPad3 jailbreak, I wouldn’t mind hanging on to my iPad, as I like keeping an eye on the Cydia scene, and given my iPad2 is tweaked to the max, it will still be able to do things an unjailbroken iPad3 will not! 🙂

    Decisions, Decisions.

  • but what if ipad 3 will also have a lot of problems, just like iphone 4s ? then i sold my ipad 2 for no reason….

    • What problems did the iPhone 4S have?? The only problems that I can think of are purely iOS 5 based.

      With the iPad 3 coming out on a version of the ready heavily worked on ios 5, I don’t think it will be an issue.

      • Anonymous

        The problem the 4S has is iOS 5. Do you know of any other version of iOS that can run on a 4S? Has crApple done anything in 5.1 to fix the battery drain issues? All reports say NO. Just turn everything off that makes it a 4S and not a 4. Great solution.

      • You realize that not everyone is experiencing battery issues right? The only reason it seems to be a big deal is because the majority of the people who do have the issue are the only ones who are going to post it online.

        No one is going to start a thread somewhere online titled “Wtf Apple, battery life on my 4S is perfectly fine!!!”

        Not to mention how many of those people who are having the battery issue are the following factors-
        1. Idiots that as soon as they convince themselves that their battery life isn’t great immediately post something online complaining about it.
        2. People that don’t have the common sense to not restore from a backup of their iPhone 4 either on iOS 4 or an iOS 5 beta. (let alone backing up from a phone that was previously jailbroken and has a bunch a cydia files deep in the filesystem).
        3. The small percent of people that actually have brand new restore and aren’t doing anything weird on their phone.

        This isn’t as big of a problem or concern because everyone has forgotten about it already or 5.0.1 has fixed it. Compare this to the “AntennaGate” problem for the iPhone 4.

        People need to stop freaking the instant they say their battery is sh** and try to fix it themselves before bitching up a storm about an isolated problem on the internet. Or better yet, turn of your battery percentage.

  • I sold my iPad 2 (wifi 32GB) last week for $520 via Craigslist. I believe that is the most I ever could have gotten.

  • That’s a great price on Craigslist.

    Mine has been so good, and the jailbreak so great, that I’ll find another use for it. Smaller resolutions are very hard to go back to though. I’m hooked enough that I couldn’t go a couple weeks without mine.

  • A few weeks ago I dreamt that I sold my ipad 2 and got an iPad 3, which was made out of old yellow and grey plastic with a half an inch inset bevel…. Steve Jobs’ selling feature? You could unfold it into a fullsized printer in twenty easy steps, including connecting wires.

  • Love the wallpaper on the iPad. What is that?

  • I have both Ipad 1 and Ipad 2, but I use more Ipad 2 since it´s much faster + with jailbreak, it´s more than what I need 🙂 BUT if someone in the family “snatches” away my Ipad 2, then Ipad 1 will be available for me, so it´s good to have at least 2 ipads in a family 🙂

  • who ever wanna sell his ipad2 64 GB WiFi + 3G GSM (AT&T) hit me up

  • just sold my iPad 2 16GB+3G for $525. Not to shabby considering i originally purchased it for $450! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nope. In looming forward ti buying an iPad 2 when the market is saturated in 2-3 weeks. Giving my iPad 1 to my son and selling a HP touchpad to cover the cost.