Apple and its overseas manufacturing partners have been taking quite a bit of heat over the last month. Reports of underage employees, 60+ hour work weeks and other poor working conditions have been constantly grabbing headlines.

But just as we have reported on the bad things, we must also report the good. It appears that in the face of criticism, Foxconn, Apple’s largest supply chain partner, has decided to substantially increase its workers’ wages…

Reuters is reporting that Foxconn announced last Friday that it has raised the wages of its factory workers by as much as 25%. Junior-level workers at its Shenzhen plant now make 1,800 yuan per month, which is about $285 USD. While that amount may sound terrible by some standards, Foxconn says that the salary of its junior workers is “far higher than the minimum wage.”

The manufacturer also said Friday that it plans to “provide more training opportunities and learning time, and will continuously enhance technology, efficiency and salary, so as to set a good example for the Chinese manufacturing industry.”

Even if Foxconn is only making changes for good press — they’re still making changes. If nothing else, it’s good to know that consumer concerns about the poor labor practices in China are no longer falling on deaf ears.

But don’t misunderstand our praise for approval. There is still much work to be done.


  • Anonymous

    Wow 25% of $1 an hour (being generous with estimate) brings them up to $1.25 an hour. Problem solved. Now everyone can stop complainig about how they treat their workers and Tim Cook should get some kind of humanitarian award for bringing about this change. /sarcasm.

    Any progress is good but the conditions these workers are subjected to shouldn’t be happening anywhere in the world. Especially when companies like Apple are sitting on a 100 bilion dollar pile of cash.

    • Juan Vargas

      Stupid comment. Hater. Apple doesn’t own Foxconn.

      • Anonymous

        How in earth is that a stupid comment. Your response is exactly what my 9 year old son would say.

        Te comment makes perfect sense.

      • Juan Vargas

        Then your 9 years old have a brain in top of his neck

  • Juan is right, Apple just uses Foxconn to make it’s products. Foxconn is ultimately responsible for the wages of it’s workers not Apple. There are many other companies that use Foxconn to manufacture products, why not put them in the press? Nope they do it because Apple is the billion dollar company, but they are paying for services Foxconn provides them. There is a contract I’m sure with Foxconn and Apple.

  • Anonymous

    i hate this. I mean, you hate your boss, quit it; you hate how they treat you, quit it, you hate the pay; quit it; if your underage, i would fire you, but dont come crying into press for better treatment, yet i dont know what that treatment is. In my country(PR) when people get problems like these, employees are the ones who solve problems with strikes. I guess they do not even want to sacrifice that.