Don’t you hate it when it’s late at night, and you forget to turn on silent mode before plugging your iPhone in to charge? The audible alert that results seems loud enough to wake up the whole residence!

Sadly there’s no native way to totally disable the charging alerts, but don’t fret, the jailbreak community has your back.

PowerSoundDisabler is a jailbreak tweak that disables the charging sound and vibration notification whenever you plug your iPhone or other iOS device into a power source.

Once installed, there’s nothing to configure or setup, it starts working immediately. Go ahead, try it; plug in your iPhone and you won’t hear or feel a thing.

PowerSoundDisabler can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Do you have plans to use this tweak?

  • Sometimes I like it very much. Sometimes I don’t, that it notifies me.

  • Anonymous

    There’s been a tweak that does this for a while. Its called SilentCharge it’s not in one of the default repos. I think it’s in modyouri or something like that.

    It is really good tweak because I hate the noise and vibration that come from plugging in your phone

  • Ummm this is good because when I walk in late at night and plug the iPhone, it always pisses my wife off but it’s good to hear the sound because it assures me that the phone is charging just in case I didn’t plug it in all the way. Mix feelings!?!

  • I agree. It’d be nice if it could be configured to do some other silent action, like flash the screen or something.

  • I agree. It’d be nice if it could be configured to do some other silent action, like flash the screen or something.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad my comment was censored for no reason. Is this site hosted in China?

    Anyways I’m just going to repost it.

    There has been an tweak that does this for a long time. It is called SilentCharge. It is in the modyouri repo which isn’t one of the defaults.

    The vibration is more annoying to me than the sound but I like that these tweaks kill both.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    I like the noise it’s as iconic as the Marimba ringtone

  • I see the Respring is Really FAST :O
    when I Respring my phone … It take about 10-15 Sec..

    • He edits out the respring in all of his videos. And there is quite often a comment stating how fast it is.

  • Radek Holecek

    I tried it and is a great

  • Really it wakes up everybody? this is quite stupid. Devs need to focus on more important things like creating an iOS install with dual booting one with stock firmware and one with jailbroken firmware.

  • Anonymous

    what is big bosses repo source?, i cant find it anywhere but when i go to cydia nd more package sources i can see mod my i, big boss nd something else but they disappear quickly nd come up with more different sources.

  • now if there is a tweak for making tht camera shutter stay quite..

    • Hi there, there is a Cydia tweak for just that called NoCamSound. Or something like that. Good luck! =-}

  • you can do this ages ago by using tonesfx, then set a silent tone for “charging phone”.