Everyone seems to love my SBSettings theme, hence I get around the neighborhood of 100 inquiries per day asking how to acquire it.

The only problem is, it’s not an SBSettings theme at all, it’s IntelliScreenX.

Yep, that little toggle box at the top of my Notification Center has nothing to do with SBSettings. It’s actually IntelliScreenX, a tweak that we’ve heaped plenty of praise upon in the past.

IntelliScreenX, in my opinion, is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it feature awesome features like RSS, Email, and Twitter functionality form the comforts of Notification Center, it also has some of the best looking toggles I’ve seen thus far.

If you’re wondering how to get toggles like these, then try IntelliScreenX; it features a free trial, so you have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

What do you say?


    My first installed tweak after I installed the jailbreak on my 4S.

  • If I had a dollar for every comment that my readers posted asking me what theme my IntelliScreenX toggles were…

  • how did you get that closing animation? (when you open the notification in 1:17, the Settings.app sides down then to the right).

  • I like the idea of the brightness controll but I can never get it without dragging the entire control a few times. I’d like to see it as a standalone shelf. Or at least have that option. And I have skinny fingers.

    • its called weeslider its standalone and it looks 10X better then the one in ISX

    • Anonymous

      yeah I had the same thing annoyed me no end – then the trial ended so was happy again

      A jb tweak I use now for brightness rocks it puts brightness slider right on the springboard – forgotten the name and you don’t loose screen real estate just those dots that show what page your on

  • It’s funny, cus it literally weighs nothing 😛

    • Technically not true. Data has weight.

  • i bought the tweak since the beta face and im so glad to have done it have a lot of potential and you can also add toggles form the sbsetings and see your ip and free memory available, also you can add an extra bar that shows you the “most recent content of your twitter, facebook and RSS” that you havent read yet.

    here is a photo if you like to see it….

  • Technically it is an SBSettings theme, but it only works through IntelliscreenX. If you try to switch SBSettings themes while ISX is installed, it shows the theme, but it is not complete with the default icons so it won’t let you enable it with SBSettings. However, if you want the functionality of SBSettings with the ISX theme, no problem. Since the ISX widget is really just a condensed version of SBSettings with a custom theme, it gives you the option to enable your installed SBSettings toggles. So simply disable SBSettings, and enable the ISX widget, and you’ll have a good looking settings widget with all of the functionality you’ve come to love from SBSettings.

    • Matthew, being dependent on a GeveyUltra unlock, the SBSettings toggles (Cellular Data, etc) are essential for me. When you say that ISX gives you the option to enable your installed SBSettings toggles, do you think this means all toggles, add-on ones as well?

      • Yes, and you can even get an SBSettings theme to keep your other SBSettings toggles cohesive with the default ISX toggles. The theme is called K2 ISX. Sorry for the late response.

  • Where can I get locoos5 sbsettings theme?! I want it so bad. Somebody help! Email it, something!

  • There is a sb settings theme called K2NC that is pretty close

  • Robert Lockwood

    ISX crushes my battery. I’ve done everything and made it as bare bones as possible. Still crushes my battery. I was a biteSMS worshiper, but last article convinced me to try messages+. Love it but could not deal with the battery issue. After owning ISX, I decided to also purchase messages+ independently because I couldn’t separate the two. Not big deal, I never mind helping out JB community. No more battery issues. Unfortunately I lose the nice toggle box from ISX. But SBS and messages+ will do for now.

    • I don’t believe you because when you purchase ISX first like you stated, you automatically get a license for Messages+. So you loose all credibility to everything you stated. It’s a great app but the devs need to listen to there user base because there is lots wrong with it.

      • so Raul, in your opinion does IntelliScreenX drain battery? Or just Messages+ (which I’m not interested in–biteSMS is great for me)? If ISX decreases battery life, I will stay away, SBSettings has treated well for years. Thanks!

      • I have not noticed any battery performance issues but have notice a bunch of little bugs that piss me off. I love ISX its a hate and love relationship, I just wish it was maintained by some more proactive developers. I have reported several bugs and they have not fixed not one of them after several updates. Mainly because I think I nagged them about it too much. lmao…

      • Thanks Raul for your report…

      • Robert Lockwood

        I appreciate your concern regarding my truthfulness, but I did post this comment for you to believe me or not. Simply facts regarding my experience. After first purchasing ISX, I did not “automatically” get licensed for messages+. I purchased m+ independently as stated above, $9.99 and $7.99 repectively. I understand if I would have purchased m+ first, I would have received a license for ISX. I just could not get the ISX license transfer to work for m+ since I first purchased ISX. I don’t believe the license transfer was a two way street. Regardless, ISX drains my battery and m+ does not, which is my main concern.

      • That makes no sence! “I understand if I would have purchased m+ first, I would have received a license for ISX” Why would you get a license for ISX if you paid $7.99 only. ISX is $9.99 and if you write to the developer he will confirm you do get a licence for Messages+ if you do buy ISX first.

  • Is there any way to get a location toggle on there??..
    Thanks in advance. :¬)

    • If you have SBSettings installed, does ISX pick up the SBSettings Location toggle? (see my question above to Matthew Dias). I’m quite curious myself…

    • if you have the sbsetings installed too you can add it on the quicksetings “settings> notifications > isx quicksettings > configure toggles” and on the button of the options is one called LOCATION just choose it

  • Is there any way to get a location toggle on there??..
    Thanks in advance. :¬)

  • I have a repo that cracks this anybody want it. I paid the developer but the developers are assholes.

  • abhinav kaushik

    Everyone just try sbsetting theme K2NC
    It is just same as intelliscreen x
    .have a look 😀
    N like my post

    • it is not because you see with ISX you can hide the toggles above the top notification widget. So you slide it down to reveal it and slide back up to hide. This is useful so that you don’t accidently toggle stuff off.

      • Anonymous

        You can put sbsettings in the top shelf too. Just go to Settings>Notifications>Edit and drag sbsettings into the top shelf section. And about your other post, buying ISX gets you M+ but only within ISX. If you want M+ on its own it is a separate license.

      • Robert Lockwood

        I agree with you regarding the ISX and M+ licenses.

      • This is not true when buying ISX you automatically get both licences.

      • This is not true when buying ISX you automatically get both licences.

      • btw I don’t think you know what you are talking about because only ISX allows you to hide wigets above the top shelf.

      • btw I don’t think you know what you are talking about because only ISX allows you to hide wigets above the top shelf.

      • Robert Lockwood

        Debate is over.

        From Intelliborn’s FAQs page
        How do I use Messages+ only when I’ve purchased IntelliScreenX

        You can’t. Messages+ is an add-on to IntelliScreenX which we have included for your convenience. If you would like to use Messages+ alone, please purchase it.

      • I see Raul got lawyered, then disappeared! lol what a jackass!

      • Anonymous

        After rereading your comment, I think we’re saying the same thing about SBSettings–you can put it into the ISX top shelf. I thought you were saying you couldn’t do that, sorry.

      • Anonymous

        @Robert Ha, I just posted that same thing from Intelliborn a few minutes ago…comment is still waiting for moderation though. Hopefully that will end the debate.

    • Smooth & Clean Theme Especially With no button labels just the icons alone #Swag

  • Anonymous

    Nice video, but which SBSettings theme is that? 😛

    • Anonymous


  • Hi everyone! I have an issues with my jailbreaken iPhone 4S.
    Something is eating my memory (RAM) on my device and I don’t know that is that. When I reboot or resping my phone it’s everything is fine (280-300 MB ram is available) but when I using few apps and games the memory is drop to 20-30 MB and my all apps is crashed on start or little bit later when I using.
    I have lot of jailbreak tweek and apps intalled on my phone but up to now everything was fine…
    any suggestions?

    Sorry my very bad english 🙂
    Thx. 🙂

  • hi IDB,

    can you review airblue sharing ?

  • LMAO! Its funny that some plp just didn’t know the difference (me included for about 5 minutes). I sure that those who needed this clarification will find this very helpful. Great and simple article!

  • Anonymous

    IntelliscreenX is without a doubt, the most ingenious tweak released for iOS 5 so far.

  • R Skse

    Hey Jeff, I remember in a video you made recently you were able to pull down just the quick settings first and it looked badass just hanging at the top, then you could pull the whole thing down from there..how did you do that? Also is there a button for reboot…Id like to get rid of Sbsettings if there is.

  • I bought it..but still looks the same..No theme like yours.

  • I jailbroke my iPhone 4 some months ago. Restored it. Then again jailbroke & I can honestly say it was for the intelliscreenX functions. Absolutely mind blowing & simple. Fantastic. You don’t need to open your phone to look for texts, emails or Facebook entries all right there in your lockscreen. Or if your on the main view drag down & it pops into view. Very pleasing to the eye & customisations are fantastic. Well worth the money, if anyone uses up the free trial then they’re hooked and need to purchase.