The ability to transfer files from iOS to other devices via Bluetooth is a glaring omission from Apple’s mobile products. The jailbreak community has made up for that a bit, with utilities like Celeste. But options are still limited.

That’s why we were excited to see AirBlue Sharing pop up in Cydia over the weekend. The full-featured app allows you to share files from your iOS 5 device, with almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device, with just a few taps…

When we say full-featured, we’re not joking. Here’s a list of AirBlue Sharing’s capibilities:

  • Zero configuration
  • Native Bluetooth pairing, do not have to re-pair your device when using iOS native Bluetooth
  • High speed Bluetooth transmission, up to 1.7 MB/s
  • Automatically shutdown Bluetooth when transmissions are done to save power
  • Transfer files over WiFi connection — it’s possible to transfer a video file in a few seconds (iOS to iOS)
  • Automatically create a WiFi hotspot for transmission when no Wifi is available (iOS to iOS, large file)
  • Send from Notes/Photos/Videos/Music/Contacts/Voice Memos…
  • Send any file from applications supported by “Open in” function
  • Import received files to Contacts/Photos
  • Import received files to applications supported by “Open in” function
  • Send/receive multiple files simultaneously
  • Sent/received notification sounds
  • Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry and other Bluetooth enabled phones

At $4.99, AirBlue Sharing may seem a bit expensive. But it’s actually cheaper than the alternative by a couple of dollars. Jeff should have a review video up shortly, but if you feel like you’ve seen enough to buy it, you can find AirBlue Sharing in the BigBoss repo.

What do you think of AirBlue Sharing?

  • Donovan Wynter

    i tried it on my iphone 4s but it didnt seems to work
    it seems like iOS 5 is having a bluetooth problem which i just discover today

    • I have this and tried to pair with an android phone It saw the phone but cound not connect. It seems too work ok I just did not know how too set up the android phone too accept the file.

    • Worked fine on my 4S. You have to pair your phone when you activate bluetooth through the file sharing not through settings or Sbsettings.

  • I just installed it but couldn’t get it to work, yet…

  • I purchased Celeste Bluetooth file sharing app, when I jailbreaked iPhone 4 last summer… And it seems that there is no update for iPhone 4S yet…
    Should I spend more money on this tweak? Does anyone know if there is Celeste update coming soon?

    • Celeste don’t work on iOS 5 yet…and I think they are not going to get it to work ether…I’ve sent a lot of emails to coconuts and I’ve not had one reply…that’s why I’am waiting for a hacked copy of this to try before I buy…I’am not going to waste any money on apps/tweaks that do not live up to what there ment to do….
      I don’t agree with using hacked tweaks but so far I’ve had 4 apps/tweaks that I paid for that don’t work on iOS 5 …I’ve paid £20 for tweaks/apps that the devs have just stopped updateing….

  • Anonymous

    No video? 🙁 I wanted to see wifi xfer working.
    Plus, dont be deceived by the “native pairing” because you HAVE TO disable the original Bluetooth for AirBlue to work (I saw it on YouTube).

    I bought Celeste but I wasn’t happy with it since I only got it working with half of the phones I tried (and had to hear laughs at my face from Andriod ppl saying iPhone sucks!)

  • paul featherstone

    Who shares files these days photos u can send on iMessage and video so I don’t see me buying this tweak switch I’m sure will take up a lot of memory guys

    • What if your girlfriend doesnt have idevice ?

      • Anonymous

        Install ‘AnyAttach’ and you can send any file type you want using email.

      • No thanks. I can send email from my ifile.

      • Buy her one!

      • paul featherstone

        Then use whatapp :-/

  • To get this to work turn off bluetooth then go to photos and choose to share one using bluetooth and it will actuvate bluetooth this way through the app instead of the other.

  • Where the hell is Jeff’s video?

  • any jailbreak apps that allow wireless printing?, truprint cost a lot…

    • Bosun Oshikoya

      If you’re on a mac, google AirPrint activator.

  • Ever since I installed it, it freezes up random apps like Music and Settings. I can use other apps fine, but if I press home button it returns to the frozen app and doesn’t let me do anything else.

  • is it possible to transfers apps?

    • Anonymous


  • Amazing tweak, much better then Celeste 🙂

  • Will this app make it possible to transfer my contacts to my carkit, if so I will buy it! Was waiting for Celeste but any app will do…..

  • Anonymous

    All my file sharing needs are covered with AnyAttach.

  • it works?

  • I have found that “bluetooth” is not located in all apps that have open in function, like docstogo, quickoffice, also if I decide to use ifile in order to send a .doc, there is no way to do it with Airblue Sharing, I tried the autor`s options (tap file, press edit, press mail) and no bluetooth option, also press the file (open in function) and no way. There is no problem with other kind of files like mp4, flv, pdf, powerpoint.

  • Last update has fixed bugs. I have blutooth optiion with open in (docstogo, quickoffice)

  • Thank you! A video finally!

  • just bought this app.. and my device goes to safe mode… i uninstalled my current tweaks and reinstalled this…no luck still…i want my $4.99 back

  • Where Can I do the download ???

  • airblue sharing does not work at all ! cant detect, ie; cant send / receive from / to nokia, iphones, laptop…..freezes phone itself after closing music player, have to reboot……..dont try out this tweak…have to go thru hassle of asking for refund………messes up few tweaks as well…..DONT buy and install this!

  • iFile also have Bluetooth sharing… what’s the different?