The long term value of a product is largely determined by its resale value. That’s why so many people will ask what the resale value of a car is before purchasing it.

Obviously it’s not as big of a factor when looking for a new smartphone (unless you’re paying full retail), but it’s still a concern. And according to a recent report from priceonomics, no other handset retains its value better than Apple’s iPhone…

As you can see in the graph above, the iPhone tends to hold 53% of its MSRP (or full retail price) after 18 months of ownership. Android handsets came in second in the report, maintaining about 42% of their retail price, and BlackBerrys fell in dead last.

Priceonomics’ research also found that Android devices have the highest cost of ownership (yes, even higher than BlackBerry) out of smartphones, depreciating an average of $18 a month over an 18 month span. iPhones lose about $13 a month in value over the same amount of time.

Obviously, resale value isn’t everything to everyone. A majority of people are still going to choose their smartphones based on personal preference. But if it is something you’re interested in, then the facts definitely point to the iPhone as the better buy. Interesting.

Have you found that your iPhones tend to have better resale value than other smartphones?

  • yeah, there are still people buying used iphone 3G or 3GS for $250 dollar depending on how much scratched they are.

  • sn0wbaLL

    yup, bought my iphone for 749, sold it a year later for 620$. factory unlocked of course. PS Cody is that you in the pic?:)

  • Anonymous

    I believe it also has something to do with the iPhone being the only type
    Of apple phone. You see this trend in PC vs Macs. Macs can only be legally built my apple. Pc’s on the otherhand are built by every Tom Dick and Harry. Because of their limited handling from Single builder to seller, it’s no wonder apple products resell much better than android mutts.

    • I think this Graph is incorrect its more like no one wants to pay anything for android phones 18 months later because they have already been replaced with 20 more devices so it’s pointless

      • You see the thing is that, Android will release 20 other devices year and Apple will release 1 and it will still be on top. 20 devices, each with minimal improvements.. 1 device with numerous improvements.

        Problem bro?

  • Here in Venezuela you can sell an iPhone even more expensive than you bought it