Today, more details about the upcoming iPad 3 emerged, when Fix iPhones showed us the supposed back of the iPad 3. In the report, it was noted that the iPad 3 was to have an updated camera, larger battery, and new screen.

To add to the rumors earlier, The Verge has come out with a new report, saying that the iPad 3’s rumored A6 processor will be dual-core, and not quad-core as people have hoped…

We’re also told that the A6 CPU the iPad 3 is likely to sport will include a significantly more powerful GPU — no big surprise there. What is surprising, however, is that our sources say that the A6 will not be a quad-core chip, but will remain dual-core. We’ve previously had heard that the device would have a quad-core CPU as well as an LTE cell radio on-board, but at least part of that story wasn’t accurate.

The Verge’s report contradicts Bloomberg’s, who said that the iPad 3 A6 processor was to be dual-core, but today’s report says otherwise. A quad-core processor makes sense out of Apple, to maybe compete with the abundance of Android tablets that feature quad-core processors. But, Apple doesn’t always sway to how where the market is. The report also says there is chance an LTE radio could be on-board, but that doesn’t seem as likely.

Like in typical fashion, the A6 processor will most likely make its way to the iPhone 5, which is rumored to launch this summer. The iPad 2 launched with the A5 processor, which Apple then put into the recent iPhone 4S.

The Verge makes an interesting side note regarding when the iPad 3 might be announced. Since there are only 29 days in February, Apple could announce the new tablet on February 29th with the theme “It’s time to leap ahead.” The iPad 3 would then be ready to go on sale two weeks later, in time for the SXSW conference — just like last year. Of course at this point, the announcement is just pure speculation.

How do you feel about the iPad 3 not sporting a quad-core processor?

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  • As an Apple user, I wanna see results and not “cores” and “mhz”. 2 or 4 cores, doesn’t matter. I only wanna see the job done, fast and smooth without decreasing the autonomy.

    Technology already proved that hardware power doesn’t mean always “fastest and smooth interaction”. Leave that BS to other brands that need “hardware power” to make users thing that they have the best machine because of that…

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, I like all these benchmarks where the 800 MHz dual core iPhone 4S kicks all the 1.4 GHz dual core Android phones because iOS is so much faster :). The whole package is important! Hard- and Software.

    • Anonymous

      If hardware didn’t matter, why didn’t you stay with the iphone 3G?, considering it had none of the battery problems, connection problems etc. that has plagued the iphone 4/4S

      • Kok Hean

        I have personally used the iPhone 4 and the 4S. Battery life is great and connection problems are not present.

      • You totally missed the point, m8

      • Anonymous

        Because the iPhone 3G running iOS 5 is far from smooth.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly!!, which is why hardware upgrades are just as important. The “user experience” can only be better with better specs, especially since unlike Android, IoS, is perfectly built to take advantage of the Iphone hardware. I can only see good things in having quad core, less heat, less battery usage etc.

      • grow up dude… everyone needs to progress. why pay for some super hardware where the software is not fully maximising its capabilities? it’s the user experience that matters.

        that said, progress wisely and not progress blindly.

    • Anonymous

      Has anyone notice the speed difference of the iPhone4 vs 4S? The dual cpu doesn’t seem to have any benefit in basic navigation tasks.

      Open Settings for example and look how long it takes, theres a couple 1-2 seconds while it thinks about it then draws the page. I have seen this on both the 4 and 4S on jailbroken and not and on other random peoples phones.

      • sn0wbaLL

        yeah but launch infinity blade 2 and you’ll quickly see the difference

  • Dan

    I hope the new iPad is utter crap, that way I won’t feel so bad about my newly bought iPad 2 lol

  • Anonymous

    good one

    • Anonymous

      These spam comments really need to stop…well on the bright side it shows how much iDB has grown since I first visited it ^_^

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I visit the site everyday and there’s no more than 2 spams per month.

      • Dan

        been vising this site for a few months now, first time i see one =D

  • Honestly I couldn’t really care unless there are apps that can use the heavily increased processing power. I do think that the Adobe Suite will start making its way over to the iPad within the next 12 Months so if the Dual Core can be increased to at least 1.5ghz at also topped with at least 1GB of RAM, I think that should be plenty considering its running iOS.

    On another note, can something block this JeanFair chick from posting that money rubbish on every post.

  • I still have 4 days to return my new iPad, Im really thinking in to return it and wait for the new iPad, its not fair to pay $600 and few days later see a new model with same price and my ipad worht $100 just because of few days, Im going to wait 3 more days and see what news could come in this time

    • Dan

      yeah but thing is, you might not be able to jailbreak the new iPad 3 for a loooong time

  • asda sada

    frankly i don’t care if it even has the a5 chip as long as it has a retina display this is going to be my first ipad i’m not buying an ipad 2 because if i do so now it will be just plain stupid and if it has the same screen i’ll be screwed

  • Anonymous

    Just give me a retina display. All I’m asking for is 2048×1536 pixels, with enough grunt to drive it as smooth as butter. That is all. 🙂

  • I could care less about Quad Core on a Tablet and Phone. Honestly, dual core is enough for day to day tasks. It’s not like someone will actually edit videos/photos on the damn thing, which requires a faster CPU. As for gaming, you really don’t need all four cores just to run It. That unless you max out everything which requires both the CPU and GPU. Other than that, we DON’T NEED QUAD CORE. Before they even start manufacturing Quad Core Phones/Tablets, how about improving the Battery Technology first?

  • I’ll happily b upgrading from my iPad 1!