iPhone photography, dubbed ‘iPhoneography‘, seems to be the new hip thing among iPhone users.

It’s much easier to carry your iPhone around to take photos than an expensive DSLR, and with popular apps like Camera+, Instagram, and Camera Bag, you can take equally stunning shots.

Interestingly, a UK college wants to teach its students this new method…

BBC reports that London’s Kensington and Chelsea College is launching a new course to teach students about iPhoneography. The college thinks many iPhone users don’t know how to use their iPhone to take photographs properly.

The course, led by Richard Gray, requires each student to have an iPhone. Mr. Gray will teach students about the basics of photography like color, light, and composition, but will also teach them to use iOS apps to make collages and more.

Along with this upcoming class at Kensington and Chelsea College, Mr. Gray hosts a workshop at local London Apple Store teaching the concept. When the BBC asked Gray about iPhoneography, he responded:

The iPhone is revolutionising photography. It allows you to take a photograph and then process it and and post it online while you are on the bus on your way home.

What do you think about iPhoneography? Is it just a bunch of want-to-be photographers?

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  • Oh. I was quite disappointed to find out that iphoneography meant photography. Thought it was something else. Haha

    • true. I also thought of that and got disappointed when I found out it’s just a bunch of hipsters wanting to be a photographer

  • Agree with both comments

  • I wouldn’t take that class. There is but so many things you can do with the iPhone to take pictures. Sure there are lenses and other attachments to help. But is really worth the time an effort to take a college class on it? If you follow Instagram on Twitter or on Tumblr, they interview people who take amazing photos with their iPhone, and they people explain their process, what they use, and so forth. Also Instagram posts techniques and methods on how to take certain pictures. And not for nothing, that’s free.

  • Gus Me

    To answer the actual question posted for us… I’m very much into iPhoneography. It’s fun, there is quite a bit you can do with the pictures after (processing) and a few apps like Camera+ mentioned above that lets hou

  • Ivo

    its great, i wish i had a chance to go to that course 🙁

  • I wish I lived in the UK! I’d love to take that class! haha 🙂

  • KewlDewd

    Ok, so let me get this straight… iPhone + Instagram = DSLR? Geez, I’ve wasted a lot of money.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a tech head, and a guy with an art degree, so I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment. I think it’s a good thing, these classes. The iPhone has been the most popular camera on Flickr for a while now, and Instagram has really taken off. Clearly there’s interest. If folks want to hone their photography skills, cheers. Calling them a bunch of wanna be hipsters doesn’t seem fair. A hipster isn’t going to take a class that, hopefully, teaches real photography techniques and principals. I suppose a “real” photographer would have a good DSLR on hand, but there have been professional photo shoots done with the iPhone, including magazine covers (notably iPhone Life). And at the end of it all, even the pros I know will agree that the best camera you own, is the one you have on you when you need it.

  • Definitely not a bunch of want-to-be photographers, the iPhone 4S camera, as well as the iPhone 4, as we are all aware, is quite good, almost on par with an entry level DSLR, but when combined with powerful photography apps and editing apps, and not to mention the key ingredient of a user with a slight understanding of photography and a artistic mind, there is no limit on creativity. Don’t believe me? Go on Instagram and search for #instababs, and tell me what you think.

    • KewlDewd

      Almost on par with an entry level DSLR? I’m sorry dude, but not even close. The camera is very good but it makes more sense to label it as almost on par with a decent point and shoot.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of iPhoneography (though, shouldn’t it be iPhonetography?), what’s a good primer I can send to my sister-in-law about taking pictures with her new iPhone? She’s absolutely horrible at it and an article or video covering best practices of smartphone photography would be a great help.