iPhone and iPad apps have always been considered to be much more polished than Android apps by most users. Apple’s strict style guide and closed App Store create a similar feel among apps, while Google’s Android Market is open for all.

In a new report from crash report analytics company Crittercism, the company says that iOS apps crash more than Android apps, despite what you might think. In their report, Crittercism found that iOS apps tend to crash three times more than Android apps. But why?

Crittercism studied a total of 214 million different app launches between the months of November and December.  A total of 162 million iOS apps crashed, while 52 million Android apps crashed.

Interestingly, doing their research a month after the iOS 5 launch might have not been as inductive of real results. Typically with new OS launches, it takes a while for developers to get their apps to the point where they are more stable. iOS 5 and 5.0.1 made up for 33% of crashed apps on the iOS platform.

The newest iOS could have contributed to the large amount of crashes, and it would certainly be interesting to see how many crashes there are after a few months of iOS 5 on the market.

How is your overall experience been with apps after upgrading to iOS? Are you still seeing an abundance of crashes?

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  • Haven’t noticed that many crashes on the 4S, but I do seem to get more crashes on the iPad though.

  • No.

  • mainly cydia

  • None of the (App Store) apps I have have crashed since I got my 4S. Apps from Cydia do crash once in a while though.

  • I get a lot of crashes on my iPod Touch 4th Gen iOS 5.0.1. Mostly Textfree and Netflix. After the upgrade to 5.0.1, Cydia has stopped crashing.

  • To me, the apps only crash when my devices are jailbroken, if it’s not jailbroken, it runs fine.

  • I experienced lot of crashes with my iPod Touch 4th generation..especially when browsing heavy web pages, playing heavy apps for too long, an of course when opening the apps from cydia that is not compatible. But since i got my 4S, there is just a few crashes( less than five a week). Maybe it is because of a better processor inside 4S. But,i still love ios apps because they are far more better quality than android apps. 🙂

  • My iPad 1G LOVES to crash applications. It crashes and crashes and crashes and crashes. The only time it doesn’t crash is when it’s off, and I’m pretty sure it’s still crashing and I simply can’t see it.

    • I have exactly the same problem. Even thought about reverting to 4.X.X

  • Anonymous

    Guess it’s because Android devices have more CPU and RAM memory. No offense, Apple..

    True story.

  • Its always related to memory programming handling

  • I think most of the crashes I used to get was because on a stock iOS, Apple keeps the apps in the switcher and you need to manually remove each app, you don’t have to option to remove background like you do with a Jailbreak.

    I would put money on most people don’t clear their switcher so due to the fact that there are to many apps in the switcher apps crash. Apple should implement a default amount feature so after a certain amount older opened apps close.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, thats the good thing about android. My gs2 kills most apps on its own after a few minutes. And you are right, i have seen my friends iphone 4 just going ridiculously slow because there are to many apps trying to run in the app switcher. I had a customers iphone 4 with almost all her apps open in the switcher. This most likely contributes to a lot of the crashes.

    • Blake Cook

      Interesting theory, but not every app in the switcher is running in the background strangely enough.
      Apple really went “too simple” with the multitasking feature, in that they’ve lumped together “recently closed apps” and “running apps” together in the switcher. With no way of telling which is running and draining battery and which one isn’t, apple thoughtfully did not put in a simple way to clear all apps in the switcher for some odd reason.
      If you download tweaks like “ProSwitcher” or “SwitcherCleaner”, you’ll get an idea of which apps are ACTUALLY running and which ones are simply “recently closed”. And of course, “RemoveBackground” is the simplest and easiest way to clear the switcher. I’m sure we’ll see Apple “Re-invent multitasking” in the 6th or 8th iteration of iOS

    • Prénom Nom

      There was a post here in iDB a little while ago explaining how the multitasking is handled by iOS. Crashes almost never have anything to do with background-running apps.

      With my iPod Touch 4 I used to get a lot of crashes because I had plenty of tweaks installed… after testing and keeping only the ones I really need/want (read : removing winterboard) it stopped crashing so often and failing to open certain apps…

      Then I loaded tons of stuff leaving but a few dozens of free MB and it started crashing a lot again… cleaned it up and it worked fine again (except when running heavy games for too long).

      Installed the russian Siri port lately (with which I didn’t get lucky yet) and I started getting the same app-launch and in-app crashes as before.

      Apple having always created overpriced shit, i’m really not surprised when I see these results and I was almost tempted to write down nothing but my first reaction : ” BUAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA !!!! No shit !!!” xD

      • I don’t think its that at all, My 4S is used heavily from day to day, and it hasn’t crashed once. My last crash was prob way back when I had a 3GS, the Galaxy Nexus that my colleague uses as his work phone on the other hand freezes in email.

        At the end of the day each user is going to have their own personal preference.

        Comparing the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus is like comparing different kinds of cheeses, some will test better then others to different people, all depends what your into.

  • Anonymous

    weird, i honestly dont remember the last time i had a crash. everything runs smooth on this end(as far as app store apps)

  • This sounds like none-sense. Perhaps, the study should not include jailbroken devices. I used an Android phone for a year and the whole phone would crash every other day, from the first to the last day I used it. I’ve had my iPhone 4S for three months and I haven’t seen the phone or any app crash.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook crashes like mad, gmail sometimes…

  • Anonymous

    What a pointless comparison study. I’d say the same even if Android was found to crash more. There are so many different variables to take into account that can cause any computer or mobile device to be unstable. The point is, is it enough of a problem that it affects day to day use? Because in the case of Apple, I would say definitely not. If it was, I simply wouldn’t own two iPhones, an iPad 2 and an AppleTV! All of which I consider stable as a rock (and all 4 devices are jailbroken! 🙂 )

    I get occasional crashes with memory hungry games or large apps on launch, but then when restarting the app its fine. I agree with others here that this is almost always memory related. It seems iOS doesn’t always manage multitasking perfectly and therefore on ocassions there isn’t enough free ram available when launching a resource heavy app. However closing backrounded apps and/or a simple respring will solve the majority of these issues, so I’ve never considered it a problem.

    Obviously jailbreaking can affect the stability of your device as well. Cydia apps are also often rushed out in beta form with bugs, but any issues found by users nearly always result in a swift update from the devloper to resolve the problem/s.

    I used to have a stock HTC Desire running Android 2.2 and it would crash all the time. To the point where combined with its woeful battery life, I couldn’t rely on it as my primary phone and switched to an iPhone 4. Granted that’s an older Android device, but I had a lot more issues with that than any iOS device I’ve owned since.

  • All Are Jailbroken & Everyone Uses “Remove BackGround” With The SBSettings Toggle.. On A Regular Basis..
    We Have About 6 IDevices 2x iPod Touch 4Gen, 2-iPhone 3GS, 1-iPad & 1-iPad 2…1-iPhone 4 All Running iOS 5.0.1 & 1-iPhone 4 Still Running iOS 4.3.2 Just Because, I Haven’t Got To That One Yet.. Thats’s Between 2-Family’s.. But, All In All No Crashes Unless Someone Forgets To Use Remove BackGround.. Peace..

  • Anonymous

    Crittercism is a company funded by Google Ventures. Says so right on their webpage, so any analysis will obviously be tainted.

    There are many questions about their results, e.g. how many apps do they look at in iOS vs Android? What kind of apps are using Crittercism middleware stuff?

    Without detailed data it’s just some PR to start flamewars.

  • Anonymous

    i guess it’s true..

    crash all the time on my 4(JB) and 4S (which wasn’t JB yet)

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry I put iOS 5 on my iPad. It crashes constantly. I can’t go 10 minutes without a crash on safari. You can’t go back to a previous iOS once you upgrade. It killed my iPad. I can’t believe that Apple isn’t doing anything about it. It is a disgrace.

  • Kok Hean

    The only app that ever crashed on my jailbroken-out-of-the-box iPhone 4S was Facebook. That app loves to crash.

  • TJ Lindell

    Apps never crashed after ios 5 updates.

  • TJ Lindell

    Apps never crashed after IOS 5 updates.

  • facebook continuously crashes

  • Anonymous

    I want a Galaxy SII SO BAD.

  • Not necessarily a crash but my stock Music app is freezing up constantly on my 4S iOS 5.0.1, especially since iTunes Match. Pain in the arse. Have to reboot my phone using power and home buttons as it completely locks up everything, no matter what I’m doing. Tried using different music apps, resyncing music and turning iTunes match off but nothing works.

  • I won an ipod ttouch 4 and a samsung galaxy mini and i can tell for sure that the crashes and bugs are way more frequent on my android based phone, also apps on ios devices run smother and are more polished